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The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT]

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1The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:52 am


The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Largo_Artwork_(FE9)

Iwagakure was one of the luckiest villages to have a nearby goldmine to supplement its income.  For many moons, the mines had slowly been carved out, providing a small bonus to the village and its citizens throughout the years.  Eventually, the amount of gold they got out of the mine didn’t seem worth it for the teams of villagers that it would call it their profession, and as of late, there was only one group who continued in the hunt for gold.  The shinobi began to forget about the mine altogether and soon the well-kept tunnels and entrances had fallen into disarray.  

However, as of late, rocks and ore had been pouring out of the mine.  The group seemed to be going through miles of tunnels within a week, and was pouring out gold for the village.  As of late, ounces upon ounces had been smelted by local metallurgists, with most of it split between the workers and the village.  The citizens of Iwa were in shocked that they could be finding gold so quickly, especially with just simple hammers and the new addition of a villager, with the only downside being the very loud crashes and sounds of falling rocks that could be heard near the entrance.  With this somewhat suspicious activity, some of the shinobi had begun to grow suspicious of some of the miners and their abilities.

Daisuke, the newest worker of the bunch, continued to swing away at the rocks in front of him.  Deep within the mines, he utilized his hammer and axe to move mounds of rocks and stones out of his path, splitting apart sizable boulders with a hearty swing.  He wiped the sweat off his brow before he continued searching for the precious ores, working alone deep inside the mines.

2The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:24 am

"Are you sure you want to go there personally Lord Tsuchikage. You could just send some anbu to check it out there is no need for you to risk going there. I beg of you my Lord don't go." Shika says as he stands in front of Garuda's desk. The reason fro Shika wanting Garuda was simple as he believed this was a great risk to go there and also that he wasn't needed. But Garuda didn't feel that way as he felt he had to go as he believed it wouldn't get done, or settle, they way he wanted it."Shika relax. If you are so worried I won't be going there alone...you will be assisting me...just you. So shut up with your complaining and let us be on our way,"Garuda would tell him with a calm tone as he stood from his seat and grabbed his Kage hat. Shika would just nob in agreement at what Garuda would say as he followed him out of the door of his office, he knew he couldn't talk Garuda out of going and going with him was at least better then him going alone. As they began their journey from the Tsuchikage's building Garuda began to get lost in his thoughts about what they were going to do. Mainly about how he didn't think the suspicious activity at  The Gold Mine could be dangerous, as people may just be starting to mine there again. But since some shinobi of the village are getting worried that also meant some, if not all, the villagers also were. And he couldn't have that as he didn't need his people to be felling scared. But he felt they were being to paranoid and ungrateful, as whatever was at the tunnels making all the noise was making the village some money.

Shika would watch Garuda, a worried expression behind his anbu mask, wondering what he was thinking. Shika duty was to protect Garuda no matter what but he felt that he wouldn't be able to by how Garuda acted. He believed kage's shouldn't go and investigate things that could be potential dangerous, unless necessary. But Shika couldn't stop this man, Garuda, on how he acted as he was the Tsuchikage and everything he did should be unquestioned. But for some reason he wanted to try and sway him not to do this. " Lord Tsuchikage I-..." Garuda would stop and look back at him."If what you are about to say is going to be about having me go back just stop." Garuda would put his hand on his shoulder."Shika like I said before relax. You are my bodyguard and a pretty good one...so don't think what we are going to investigate is too dangerous. As that would be saying that me and you aren't able to handle such a thing. Beside we are going to investigate something that has been helping the village." Garuda would tell him before turning around and continue to walk out of the village. Shika would nob as he would do as he was told, and relaxed. And in his head he believe what they were going to investigate wasn't so bad.

Soon they would make it to the mine and the noise was a little to much to bare."From the reports they must be deep in the mine. But this is crazy that the loud sounds and shit can be heard all the way up at the entrance." Gardua would say irritated at bit at how loud it was. He and Shika would begin to now walk down then the mine, Garuda covering his ears as they did this. It took them a awhile but they made it to the source of the sounds, and both were truly surprised. As they expected to see at least thirty or even fifty men working down here...but they only saw one. It would be no use to try and talk to the man as it would be impossible, the sounds would just be to much to talk over. Shika and Garuda would look at each other and then at the man, Daisuke. They would need to get his attention some how, but they didn't know what to do. As they didn't plan to get to close to the man as he could attack them from being surprised, or well touched from behind by two strange men. So they had decided they would wait till the man would notice their presence, but if he didn't for more then seven minutes Garuda would pick up and throw a rock at his back. Not hard enough to hurt him but enough to get his attention. If it did come to him having to throw a rock at the guy he hoped it didn't make the guy anger as he kinda wasn't in the mood to fight, even though he was prepared to defend himself if need be.

On another note though Garuda did find something strange about the man, and that was what he was using to mine. He had never seen such a tool like that, well not an axe and hammer that big, and wondered where the man had gotten such a thing from. And also Garuda hoped this man was hostile as he was at an disadvantage, as he didn't appear to be strong enough to take on a Kage and also one of his Elite Anbu. But back on the thing he was using. Garuda wondered if he could have it by buying it, which he really didn't want to do, or find out where he could find another one like it. And also why was this man working by himself, this was strange, as even if he was getting a lot of work done if he had more people with him he could be more done. Unless this man was cocky and thinks he should do it on his own; but Garuda just thought about that part because of how big he was.

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3The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:16 am


Daisuke had noticed the two men approaching, and was able to identify them as the Tsuchikage and one of the ANBU of the Iwa. They must have heard him working from outside of the tunnel and decided to venture in to see what the noise was about. However, instead of attempting to talk to the two men, he simply continued to use the hammer-axe he had named The Helmet Splitter. He was a very gentle and passive man, but he would never give up his axe to anyone. Ever since he left the Village Hidden in the Stones, a neighboring minor village, he had felt worthless, but his new weapon had given him a sense of importance once again.

As he continued, more men came out of the tunnels to find the Iwa shinobi watching Daisuke work. A large group of about ten miners came down from one of the passageways and into the shaft that the Tsuchikage was in. One of the leaders of the group stepped forward and took his yellow hard hat off before speaking, “Lord Tsuchikage, what brings you down to the mine? We were just about to finish the day off and head back to the village?” With this Daisuke began to stop and then walked to join the group of his fellow miners, finding safety and security in their numbers.

4The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:11 am

Garuda and Shika, his anbu, would watch as more people came from out of the tunnels,"So it seems he wasn't alone my Lord."Shika would say low enough so only Garuda could hear him. A man from the group of miners would say something to Garuda, Garuda would have an expressionless face as began to talk."This may be strange but...I have come done here to see what all the noise was about. But since you hard workers are almost done I will make this brief for now. I want to speak with the man in charge or the supervisor and also that man right there."Garuda would say as he pointed at Daisuke who had just joined the group of miners." And if you guys think I am here to shut down your expedition don't worry..I am not going to do such a thing. I have some question I would like to ask the both of them.....It isn't that urgent so like I said before please finish what you are doing. I will be at the entrance of the mine waiting." And with that Garuda would begin to walk away from the group. He didn't like it when people left things unfinished even if Garuda is the Tsuchikage you should always finish what you are doing before anything.

He hoped the men, mainly Daisuke, would finish their work before coming to see him like he asked. His question for them weren't that important as it was just to figure out what they were doing, even though Garuda already knew, and also some question directed at Daisuke on how he got that tool. That tool extremely interested Garuda as he wanted one, or the original. It wasn't that he planned on taking it from the guy by force, but he would have what he wants. Garuda would have many thing going through his head as he thought about the weapon and how it could better serve him in his duties more then Daisuke's. But he didn't want to be unfair with the guy, if he took the tool, as he wasn't like that.

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5The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:11 am


Daisuke wondered why the Tsuchikage had requested to see him, but at least it was with his boss. He would hate to have been left alone in the mind with a bunch of the village’s ninja staring at him. The gold miner then hooked the Axe onto one of the loops of his belt before walking over to join his employer, and then the two would continue towards the Kage. Daisuke then figured this must be about the tool he was using to mine out all of the gold in the past couple of weeks. The Great Axe he had found while exploring for gold in the other nations, as he had purchased the item on one of his days off. However, now knowing the sheer power the tool contained, he would never want to give it up, even to his boss of the Kage. He grew more and more nervous waiting to hear the questions of the shinobi.

6The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Fri Jun 27, 2014 9:03 am

When the man, Daisuke, and his boss came out Garuda would be leaning against a larger stone that was outside of the mine. And whenever the two would approach him and his Anbu Garuda would give them a friendly smile."Before I start hassling you guys with question I want to say this. I respect those who work in this mine as you fine men and women have been pouring out gold for the village. And that has helped us improve on many things that we started to lack when the mine wasn't being used." Garuda would say as he rubbed the back of his hair."Okay, now for the questions I have for you guys." He says as he looks at Shika, the anbu, and then back at the other two.

"My first question is how are you guys doing? My second one is just for you." He says as he points at Daisuke, not even looking at his tool."If you don't mind can you please tell me where you have gotten such a tool? As i have never seen anything like it and that masks me very curious about it's origin. But if you don't want to talk about where you found that....Answer this question. Why aren't you using that tool to help the village in different way other then in the mine. I understand if you also don't want to answer that question but please...I want you to either answer one of them or even both." Garuda would tell him speaking calmly and with no bad intentions behind his questions. His true reason he had called the man's boss out was to make it easier for the man, Daisuke, to speak with out feeling like something bad would happen.

Sorry if my stuff doesn't make sense. I am a little out of it and if I need to edit it I will.

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7The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:20 am


Daisuke had no fears of responding to the man’s questions. If anything, the Tsuchikage was a fair man, and he knew he would understand. “This Axe tool you see before you was something I picked up a while back in the Land of Water. It was a small village, in the area, and after passing through the market, I noticed the little item. I was just as curious as you are now, and when I asked the merchant, he said it held great power within. Who knew that hitting the nail with the hammer would be able to split almost anything?” He laughed for a bit. “And as for your second question, I used to be a shinobi, but after injuring my legs, I couldn’t keep up in order to be useful. Instead, I started mining, and this tool of mine has been plowing through rock faster than I ever have before. We’re going at least five times as fast. I’ve wanted to help the village any way I could, and since I can run very far or fast, I figured this would be the next best option.”

8The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:21 am

"O okay. So will you be willing to part with that tool for any reason?" Garuda would ask him with a serious tone. He wanted the weapon from the story the man told him, not because he felt he could use it but because he didn't want it to fall into the wrong hands. Especially sense the man said he was , in a way, disabled as there wasn't no way for this guy in Garuda's opinion to keep the thing safe from bad hands. As is a powerful person who used weapons found out about such a thing could take it from the man. And then used it's power to mess up the village, and Garuda couldn't have that. SO in Garuda's mind he was planning on taking the tool no matter what it took, even if he had to do it by forces. "Can I tell you something. The best way for you to help this village..from what you told me...is by letting me hold onto that weapon." Is what Garuda would tell the man after he answer his first question, even if the guy said he would never part with the tool.

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9The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:49 am


Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin
"Oi, oi.... I think you should listen to Lord Tsuchikage here, my friend. He doesn't want to play around anymore. Oh, but I do!!!!..... maybe not".

Hearing the talks and chats of the people back in the diner and the people he was with, Ryuho had learned of the presence of gold in Iwagakure. A valuable economic resource, and Ryuho would be a fool to not take this time but to observe it. He had no intention of trying to pry the gold away from Iwagakure and stole away some ores and grains. That would be an insult to the Tsuchikage, and Konohagakure has its own way of garnering wealth. But there was also a commotion, a kind of uncertainty from the villagers, that finally motivated Ryuho to actually go there and check things out out of friendly curiosity. After all, what else shall he do in such an unfruitful journey. It didn't really take a long time for him to find the entrance to the mineways, for the high frenzy about it renewed its historical and current relevance, and the sounds of metal clanking disturbed Ryuho's ears. What could be going on down there?

Ryuho walked in alongside other people, although most of them turned back and went away from the thunderous sounds of the clanking. Funny though, as a few seconds later, the sound seemed to have stopped as Ryuho walked down the mine-ways, hearing multitudes of voices down there. It'd take a few minutes or so until he reached a place where he could see several people, including a sweating buff, Asgardian-like man wielding a massive set of clobbering weaponry, and even the Tsuchikage Lord Garuda himself! Seems like something important was going on, and Ryuho felt guilty intruding in. There seemed to be an air of uneasiness between them, judging from the face of Daisuke. He walked in hearing the man explaining where he found the weapon... and the Tsuchikage offering to take it away.

Okashi-na...... Ryuho thought, finding the situation bizarre. Was there trouble? Perhaps he should help the Tsuchikage out. Still, the weapon was interesting.


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10The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Empty Re: The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] on Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:20 am


With the entrance of another shinobi, Daisuke felt rather intimidated, even with his tool. The ninja around him were admiring the weapon greatly, and Daisuke would rather give it up to live a life free of any trouble with the ninja. He decided he would give the weapon over to the Tsuchikage, as there appeared to be no way of getting out of the cave without doing so. He took it off of his belt loop, and spoke as he handed it over, “Lord Tsuchikage, you’re taking my livelihood here. I have a family, and we have been scrapping by until I found this weapon. What am I supposed to do now?” The boss of the mine came behind the large Daisuke and gave him a quick pat on the back, as he knew most of the miners, including himself, were in the same boat.

Sabo has gained possession of Kabutowari, the Helmet Splitter.

Name: Kabutowari
Type: Legendary Sword
The Sounds of The Hammer [EVENT] Kabutowari_%C3%A9_lan%C3%A7ada
Rank: S
Special Abilities: Combined together, hammer and axe, this weapon can destroy S-Rank defenses and destroy terrain in a similar manner the Sakura's Cherry Blossom Impact does leaving great destruction in its wake.
Origin: The Kabutowari (兜割; Literally meaning "Helmet Splitter") is one of the swords of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, wielded by Jinin Akebino.
Materials used: N/A
Total Price: N/A

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[Exit with blade?]

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