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In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) Pixel

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In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission)

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1In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) Empty In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) on Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:00 am


Name: Ms.Oshiwa's (Goddamn) Cat
Rank: C Rank
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Ms. Katira OShiwa
Rewards: 230 Ryo
Participants: Anyone in the Land of Sound
Daily: Up to Twice a Day (This cat is super annoying)
Description: Ms. Oshiwa's cat is famous in her area for her and her friggin cat. This little crap just loves to leave her residence and latch onto Ninja as they pass by, ending up in very remote areas of the town. Not only that, but this cat is INCREDIBLY unlucky! Not once has this cat been found in a safe area. However, thankfully this cat seems to have areas that it like in particular:

A Cave in the north part of town that is home to BloodBoars (the nickname for the boars as they are not only incredibly large and violent, but seem to be resistant to jutsu).
An abandoned mine shaft in the northwest section of the town. This area was once rich in ores, but after extensive mining is only home to countless bats and large crates of explosive tags deemed unsafe due to lack of maintenance.
A field of Razorgrass in the Northeast section of the town. This grass is just sharp enough to be dangerous to individuals with exposed skin. Goggles are advised, also be careful of the wasps.

Objective is to retrieve Mr.Bumblepuss (the cat) and return it to Ms.Oshiwa

Skipping along the streets of Oto Ezra wonders what he should do to pass his time, that wouldn't get him in trouble. Because after his transformation some time ago he hasn't felt like his evil demented self, but a little more cheery. Ezra would stop dead in his track because some strange women had got in his path, and when he tried to go around her she wouldn't let him. Unable to move around her and not wanting to get in trouble for killing her Ezra would cross his arms and begin to speak."Sigh...Do you need something,women?" He would ask her with a clam tone.

The women, who had tears in her eyes, face lit up with a smile."Yes! Yes! Can you go find my cat!?!....Mr.Bumblepuss!?!" She would ask as she grabbed his hand, hoping this boy would go and retrieve her cat. Right now she was crying like someone had just died and wasn't able to control her emotions at all.

Slapping her hand away and crossing his hands again Ezra would look at the old women up and down, as she looked a bit like the women he had killed."I hope you know it is no secret your cat....Mr.Bumblepuss...is famous. As I have heard about a cat of that name in this area who is always latching on to shinobi and getting in fucked up situations...." The women would cut in before he would finish, going from crying to being normal, as if all she did earlier was just an act."I will pay you." Is what she would say."Okay, where can I find the cat?" Ezra would ask her after she had said that. He was going to tell her to fuck off because the cat was unlucky and he didn't want to get any of that bad luck. But when she talked about paying him he couldn't refuse, cause he needed money for some things. The women would pull out a piece of paper from her pocket and hand it to Ezra, it having where her cat likes to play at when it is gone. After ready the paper a grim face came over Ezra as both the places where fucked up...but since he already took the job he had no intentions to quit. Ezra was one to never quit because something would be too difficult.


2In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) Empty Re: In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) on Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:18 am


"What a pain..all of these places are horrible...well all but the one I am going to." Ezra would say as he runs his hands through his green hair. Ezra was making his journey to a field of Razorgrass in the Northeast section of the town, but due to what he was wearing should have picked a different place of the three given. Because he was not dressed for what he was about to go through, but he wouldn't know that. As he had never been on this side of time and though the name she gave was just something the people choose to to give it. Putting the paper back in his pocket he would begin to whistle a tone till he reached the place, he would stop once he got there."...........Are you serious!?!?!"He would say as he looked at the endless grass that looked sharp as hell. He would walk back and forth in front of the grass with hsi hand on his chin."Maybe the cat isn't in there maybe he is at one of the other place...Yup he has to be." Ezra would say as he would begin to walk away from the field of grass, but would stop. As he heard the worst thing he could have heard..."Meow."


3In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) Empty Re: In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) on Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:32 am


Ezra wouldn't turn as he though he was just hearing things, so shrugging his shoulders he would try to continue to leave the area. But again he would hear that dread full sound again..."Meow." and this time he had to turn around. It seemed he wasn't hearing things and the damn cat was in the field, but where was he."Come out here! Mr.Bumblepuss!" Ezra would yell so the cat could hear him. Ezra didn't want to go into that damn field because well he would get cut up because of the new outfit he wore. Even though it was a long sleeve white coat, he had broken the zipper in a strange way. So his zipper was zipped from his neck to above his navel, that might not seem bad but he had no under shirt under that. He didn't wear and shoes and he was also wearing shorts today, due to the heat.

After standing in front of the field for about ten minutes he would jump into a tree that was in the field, but not that far from where he was just at."Okay..where are you Mr.Bumblepuss?" He would say as he scanned the area from his spot, but when he could see the cat he would close his eyes and focus. He was could at sensing things so why not use that to find the cat. It wasn't long till he new where the cat was and with one swift motion he would jump out of the tree, sliding through the grass to grab the cat.


4In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) Empty Re: In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) on Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:47 am


"Gotcha.."Was all that left the cut up Ezra'as mouth as he stood to his feet and held the cat close to him, a smile on his face. Not because he had helped find the cat but because he could get paid. When he had jumped from the tree and, stupidly, slid through the razor sharp grass received a series of cuts all over his body, but only one on his cheek. And the fact that he had decided to walk out of the grass also did a number on his legs. but he was already hurt so fuck it was his thought, since he was going to have to go to the hospital anyway. And in truth it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. So after taking his time to leave the area he was in he would return back to the old women who had given the task."Here is your cat."Ezra would say with a smile as he held the cat out for her to grab it.

"Thank you very much."She would say as she held the cat close to her, and began to walk away."O wait. your payment." She would say as she turn around and gave him a sack of Ryo. And that is when she noticed all of his wounds, and her eyes widened. She was shocked on how this boy was smiling like he was perfectly fine. She didn't know what to say as they boy in a way scared her on how he was, but she was still a bit happy she helped him out.

In search of Mr.Bumblepuss(Mission) Tumblr_mcxoyjPMRx1ra6yuoo10_r2_400

"Thanks."Ezra would say as he put the Ryo in his pocket, but didn't turn around just yet. As he looked at how the women looked at him, amazed at how she had just notiched his wounds."Next time Mr.Bumblepuss goes missing....find me. I will be happy to take your money to find him."Ezra would say as he patted both the women and cat on the head before turning and skipping away. Today in Ezra's opinion was boring, even though he had a smile on his face, he actually wished he had spent this day with either Nira or Junpei as they would have at least entertained him. In the back of Ezra's mind he felt that he should turn around and go and kill the women and her cat, cause well he felt regular people had no purpose. But what stopped him was the thought of Nira finding out he didn't restrain himself.

Mission complete
WC needed-700
WC Given-1271

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