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A Simple Tour [Resting Topic|Hitomi] Pixel

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A Simple Tour [Resting Topic|Hitomi]

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1A Simple Tour [Resting Topic|Hitomi] Empty A Simple Tour [Resting Topic|Hitomi] on Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:16 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Name: Lasting Bonds
Rank: D
Type: PC
Mission given by: Administration Building
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone
Daily: Yes
Description: Build a strong bond; a bond that can withstand the test of time with a shinobi of your rank.

"Of course we are friends." Lavii would say to Hitomi as they walked. He had almost forgotten to answer her question and they had come this far. "Sorry I spaced out a bit and had forgotten that you had said something about us being friends." The more they walked the closer the Uchiha compound got. Only a select group were even able to enter the cornered of district and Hitmoi was going to be the groups newest inductee whether she knew it or not. When they reached the Strongholds Gates Lavii would look back to Hitomi and smile. "For some reason I'm getting this feel that I should bring you here, as you know many outsides minus certain higher up Shinobi have never even been in here. I feel like we are going to have a strong bond..." Lavii stopped and rubbed the back of his head and laughed awkwardly. It took me a moment, but he had realized what it was tha the had said and was slightly embarrassed. "Or something. I don't know where it was I was going with this." No one really knew this because Lavii never has gotten close to anyone minus his Brother Siegfried, but Lavii had a whole different side when he was completely comfortable around someone. Lavii would approach the gate and blink activating his sharingan. He would approach the scanner to the left of the gate and hold his eye open wide. The scanner would activate and send a red light across his eye and retina. After the light had disappeared it analyzed the data it had just received before making a beeping sound in conformation of Lavii's Sharingan. The gate would then proceed to open. Lavii would then deactivate his sharingan and enter the compound. "No one will say anything as long as you're with me, but um Welcome to the Uchiha Stronghold." Lavii said looking back at Hitomi with a smile.


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2A Simple Tour [Resting Topic|Hitomi] Empty Re: A Simple Tour [Resting Topic|Hitomi] on Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:48 pm

Hitomi Shiruku

Hitomi Shiruku
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
She blinked for a moment at his chatter for a while and smiled a bit. "Indeed, still it's great to meet someone of your stature and attitude. It's very interesting...curious in a way." She shrugged as she watched him go up to the gate and open it. "Strong bond hmm? That's a strong word, but I agree I feel potential for us in the near future. Even so this is my first time coming here, the only other time I was even close to seeing beyond these gates was when Soma...sensei..." She paused for a moment to think to herself and then shook her head with smile once more. "N-nothing, let's just go in..." She shook her head as she walked in beside him.

She looked around in curiosity and awe, it was like a whole other seperate village to it's own. "Woah, so...peaceful and beautiful." She mentioned quietly to herself as she looked around. She barely even wanted to blink, even the people themselves were at peace it seemed and it didn't help that they also share the beauty as well. She had to look away occasionally just to stop a slight blush to her face only for it to fade away. She smiled calmly up to him as she carried on along the path. "Thank you for bringing me here, this is amazing, I couldn't imagine this place if I tried." She laughed a bit and then looked up ahead. "So where exactly are we going, I mean I need to recover my chakra so obviously it has to be a quelled and quiet place." She noted to him in curiosity and question.

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