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1Runaway [Private, NK, Casual] Empty Runaway [Private, NK, Casual] on Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:52 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin

It had been weeks since he had left the house, and now that he was out, he was finding solace by the waters again. The river at the edge of the village to be exact. He stood quietly with his eyes closed, taking in the sounds of the flowing water, birds chirping, and the sound of leaves crumpling in the wind. Sometimes, he had pondered about leaving the village to explore the wonders of the world further- the seas and broad oceans to be exact. There was just something about the smell of salt that intrigued him, there was just something about the view of the vast blue waters inspiring him to do something with his life. But, that was not much of an option, especially if news went out that he went missing abruptly without a notice or given permission. Leaving Konoha is not a necessity in his life, running away is not a necessity either, but finding the peace within himself was merely enough to keep him from ditching his ninja ways and leaving. But, being a Shinobi had it's ways, and he had to keep his honourable form. Kuroo's  black tie followed the light flow of the winds, and he smiled genuinely for a short amount of time.

Nature was nice. He liked the quiet, the peace. Life was made of moments, and he would cherish them, though they may seem a bit of waste considering he's done nothing much for the past three years. He's went out and had a couple of women around, but none of them were to his liking, nor did he ever have the intentions of doing anything with them. Granted his good lucks, he does dread it as certain points in his life. He never asked for the attention, but he got it anyways. If he got it, he might as well make it seem like he enjoyed it, rather than looking like a bored man. Kuroo sat down on the grass, leaning back on his elbows to keep his support up. It was times like these he'd wish he could have spent with his brothers. Rather than any actual moments with them, they had always been separated by missions, by their jobs, but he knew well enough being a ninja meant risking their life. Not much of a surprise there.

Still so young, vulnerable, strong, and self-reserved, he needed to find something purposeful with his life. Perhaps make a friend or two, perhaps rekindle the relationship with his old, perverted sensei. Anything was better than doing nothing. But he kept one thing in mind; I'd rather settle for nothing than settle for less. Needless to say, he always had the urge to survive, just to see how his life will play out in the long run.


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2Runaway [Private, NK, Casual] Empty Re: Runaway [Private, NK, Casual] on Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:40 pm

Hitomi Shiruku

Hitomi Shiruku
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
She seemed to have been out and about, doing small tasks and aiding her family in care. She of course by now had her own home separate to her main family because she was able to do so in her own right but it always felt so empty and quiet. Granted because it was but still she had been used to the laughter of her little brother to wake her, or the smell of simmering delicacies her mother would cook, even the daily chore of mending her father's wounds was missed. But she had no right to complain, some had no homes or no families and she seemed to be doing fine on her own, just perhaps she felt lonesome with having traveled to Suna and leaving her friends and team for 3 full years.

Granted it was for a good cause as she had trained vigorously and learned new techniques as well as strengthening her social interaction. Once the person who'd rather get things done and then leave for home now she spent time in doing things right but also having some fun in the process, as if she were a different person altogether. She was still herself however and even if one were to deny her newly found smile they'd know her by her hair and eyes which were hard to miss. Bright red and auburn hair that was much longer now than ever before and bright sky blue eyes that just seemed a bit more full of life than they once did.

Even with this it was hard to imagine how much she had grown, even her own sensei had a bit of a time in shock with what she became as she didn't look like a porcelain doll anymore. However onto the day length she had traveled from her home to this spot with no more reason other than to take in the beautiful slightly windy day and just relax. Needless to say she was just walking, not for training or exercise of the physical body but mostly for her mind, to take a break from the stress and strain and just relax for a day without feeling lazy or inefficient either.

It was then she had notice something odd colored by the river and as she came up it came into view as a person but rather more than that she could recognize it was her old team member, and once upon a time rival but in all reality that was just her old self feeling jealous and unable to keep up. As she made her way to him she was easy to hear come up as she spoke out. "Hey, Kuroo!" She waved with a smile to her face which wasn't like her younger self. She wasn't overly cheerful but seemed content with things around her. "Long time no see, how's things been for you and the village?" She asked and for good measure as she wasn't in the village for 3 years after all. She had gotten the permission to train with her family in Suna for that long but even so 3 years is a very long time.

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