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Excuse me, please! (OPEN)

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1Excuse me, please! (OPEN) Empty Excuse me, please! (OPEN) on Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:14 pm


Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
Name: Get their Names
Rank: D
Type: PC
Mission given by: The Administration
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone
Daily: Once
Description: Your mission is to go around Konohagakure and collect the names of Konohagakure shinobi. You will get to know them, and write a one-paragraph report on their interests, talents, skills, histories, etc. Your money will be granted to you once you've documented information about at least two shinobi [Suggest you make multiple topics with peeps, then submit your report to collect your money].
The average citizen imagines a shinobi's tool pouch to be filled with shuriken and kunai. The reality is that shinobi have a broad variety of weapons to be put to use. In addition to the two most recognizable shinobi weapons, there exists the powerful explosive tag. Less popular, but still widely used, are senbon and wire. This only scratches the surface of the variety, variations and permutations of weapons that a shinobi can store en masse within the trusty tool pouch. Some shinobi even carry more exotic tools on their person.

Daiki himself was carrying deep fried sweet buns in his pouch alongside the staples, as he often did. He had bought some in the market districts this time though he really should have done it himself. He didn't have a deep fryer, but he was sure that he could make sweet buns better than the ones he had with him. One word: cinnamon. Maybe even a maple syrup glaze or a touch of salt or ground chili pepper for a subtle contrasting flavor. Chili pepper is healthy too. Oh, the experiments he could conduct. That said, the recipe that little pastry shop used was undeniably divine. However, he always hated how crowded the market district was. He felt crowded enough just by being forced to cover his skin whenever he left the house and he certainly didn't need strangers sharing their body heat with him. It is said that being cold is better than being hot because you can just put on more clothes while there was a limit to how much you could take off in the heat. This was especially true for Daiki.

He was also carrying a miniature notebook and a pencil. A rare tool, but fortunately common enough to be manufactured to fit in a shinobi's pouch. It wasn't even a hard find. It was just as simple as buying a normal sized notebook. It was a shame he had to buy it himself. It was common for shinobi to have to obtain their own tools, but they could have provided him with some forms or scrolls. At least the mission was simple enough. He just had to find some other ninja and jot down some basic information. Ninja were fairly easy to recognize when off duty. All of them wore headbands, the higher ranked shinobi wore uniforms and those who didn't fall in either of these categories often dressed rather flamboyantly. He supposed he fit in the latter category.

A lone shinobi walked down the street in a bright red, hooded cloak. With his head bowed as he walked, his face was obscured. That said, this shinobi's garb was just as recognizable as his face. As he spotted a comrade ahead, he ran up to the person and blocked their path. His arms flailed out in front of him as he attempted to stop them. "Wait right there! I need a moment of your time! Just give me a moment." He reached behind him to pull his small notebook and pencil out of his pouch. With his writing hand at the ready, the shinobi looked up at his new target. As he did so, Daiki's pale face was revealed from under the scarlet hood. His red eyes looked into the eyes of the other shinobi.

"Alright, give me your name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. This will be quick, I don't need your whole life's story, just some basic information... actually, I do need your life's story. This will take a while."

With that thought, he leaned against a nearby building. Might as well get comfortable while he's here.

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2Excuse me, please! (OPEN) Empty Re: Excuse me, please! (OPEN) on Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:02 am

Hitomi Shiruku

Hitomi Shiruku
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
She looked at the boy asking for her information, he was an obvious genin to say the least but she wasn't one to judge that on him just something she noticed from his demeanor and child-like wonder in some sorts. Her younger days would have her run off as she would have been too shy to give any information, let alone even chat to him. However her personality now was a bit easier and calmer, if anything she was a happier type of shinobi.

With that she wasn't overly unbearable to be happy just a smile as she nodded to him. "Sure, but let's take a seat. I'd rather not hold up the crowds with our chatter." She mentioned seating herself on a bench and looking around before following her eyes to him once more. "Well then, I am Hitomi Shiruku...how about your name please?" She asked being polite to him as she took a moment to think. "Likes? I love calm breezes, spicy foods , and birds." She took a moment as she folded her arms over in a bit of a serious tone. "I don't enjoy Storms, betrayal, and sour things."

She tapped her chin for a while and went on. "Hobbies? Well I don't really have one...I just study ijutsu or fuuton which with both being very complicated, it takes up most of my time so I never took up anything. I guess I could since it would be nice to find out some more skills to work on." She shrugged as she sat back and looked at him. "So then, I've told you a few things on me. What about yourself? Unless of course you're in a hurry."

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