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Patrol Duty [Mission|Solo]

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1Patrol Duty [Mission|Solo] Empty Patrol Duty [Mission|Solo] on Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:42 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin

Name: Patrolling Intern(s)
Rank: C
Type: Normal
Mission given by: Konoha Village Patrol
Rewards: 250
Participants: Anyone
Daily: Non-Repeatable
Description: Those who patrol Konoha's walls to make sure that the village remains safe have requested some basic help due to thinning numbers of shinobi in their ranks. They require a shinobi, or more than one, to become their interns for a day to help them; becoming an extra pair of eyes, listening and being attentive, and perhaps most importantly, fetching the coffee.
An alarm would cut through the darkness that was the closed eyes of Lavii. The young Uchiha man would roll over and slam his hand on the off button. Lavii yawned loudly before sitting up and ultimately standing up. He went straight to the bathroom in order to take a shower and brush his teeth; he would go to his room and get dressed before heading out. His destination was the village gates. He was going to help with the patrol of the village, so he had to get up early to help the morning shift; one of the more lacking in terms of patrolmen. He would find himself arriving there in a matter of minutes. Lavii looked up to the large wall and would begin to go up it until he reached the top. There he would find a man by the name of Gene; Gene was the only patrolman to watch over the village for a few hours every morning of course nothing ever happened around this time, but Lavii always came up here just in case something did happen one day. “Ah, Lavii here to help out again I see.” Gene would say smiling heartily at Lavii. Lavii would nod and return the smile. “I always come to help you out.” Lavii replied to Gene’s statement almost instantly. “Ha! I know I know.” He reached next to him were there was a small table and handed Lavii a cup of coffee. “Got it just how you like it.” Lavii took the cup and smirked. “Thanks, so anything happen so far?” Lavii would ask before sipping from the coffee.

Gene shook his head “Nah nothing happened like always.” Gene was perfectly fine with nothing happening the early mornings in the land of fire were an awe inspiring site. Gene looked out across the vast forest that hid their village. That sight plus the colors of the sky and the sun peaking over the horizon almost seemed like a painting done by a Master of the brush. “Don’t you just love the view Lavii? It is like a work of art.” Lavii would nod to Gene and take another sip of his coffee. “Yes, it truly is a magnificent sight.” Gene would take a sip of his coffee before finishing it off. “Well I guess we should stop standing around before we get in trouble.” Lavii would slightly laugh to himself and nod his head. The two Konoha shinboi would begin to walk along the wall looking for any signs of something that would require their intervention. They would walk in silence for a few moments before anyone would speak. “So what’s been going on lately Lavii?” Gene would ask looking over to Lavii as they walked along the villages walls. “Nothing really. I’ve gotten my first real friend since I was…well since ever. Her name is Hitomi Shiruku. My uncle Soma was even her sensei at one point.” Gene raised an eyebrow he felt like he had heard the last name before. “Hmm, is that right? I feel like I know that last name.” Lavii would look at Gene for a few seconds, as he began to think. The two walked in silence for a few moments before Gene stopped and snapped his fingers. “Oh yes I do know the name her Father was once a Konoha Shinobi.”

Lavii raised an eyebrow. “Once? What happened to him?” Gene nodded to Lavii. “Yes once. He had an accident during one of his missions and something happened to him now he can’t perform in the field.” A look of shock appeared on the face of Lavii. “Yeah, I don’t know the details, but his memory as well as mental state has been all but changed. He cannot remember his family and he has the mind of a child.” Lavii shook his head in disbelief. “Is there no way to help it and reverse the effects of whatever it is that happened to him?” Gene could do nothing, but shake his head as the two walked. “Nope, everyone who could help has failed in doing so.” Lavii was in utter disbelief and walked in silence for a few minutes. Hours passed and more shinobi came to relieve Lavii and Gene on patrol. Lavii waved good-bye to Gene as the parted ways.



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