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The First Meeting. [P]

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1The First Meeting. [P] Empty The First Meeting. [P] on Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:31 am


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

The First Meeting. [P] 90hDWGX

She had two options for where the team’s first meeting should be held, the training ground or the Rouge Bar & Diner. With one they could easily jump into a spar, with the other they would be confide to socializing and socializing alone. One would think that with her status she would pick the training fields, but she hadn’t. Oh no, she had decided that the meeting would be held in the nice family establishment that use to be a place rogues frequented three years prior. One could say that Chikara was looking for a different setting, she was rather tired of fighting, having done a lot of it since she had been able to walk, courtesy of the Gremlin Program and her career choice. That and she also wanted to have some lunch whilst she got to know the ones that would be considered her teammates.

Chikara personally knew two of the three people who would be making the first response task force, those two people being Kurumi and Shiro, but she didn’t know the other female of the group. She knew the child’s name, she really shouldn’t call the female a child since she was older than the Shurajo, and she knew the child was the student of the man who had murdered Nikolai. Did she have something against Aerie, the name of the other female shinobi? The answer would be no, she had nothing against that female nor her sensei, having allowing something like hatred to be thrown from her entire persona, though she certainly could fake hatred. With her being an Anbu member, gathering information on Aerie wasn’t hard at all. She had learned several things about the teenager during her investigation, but it wasn’t the sort of information that she would be sharing with anyone.

As for Shiro and Kurumi, well there was no reason for her to investigate them since she was friends with them. Well, she was friends with Kurumi, the older female apart of Chikara’s inner circle of friends, the Hozuki being one of the few individual that the Shurajo trusted. As for Shiro, well he was her mentor and she knew of his combat prowess, his day to day life was of no concern of herself unless he gave her reasons to be concerned. But such things didn’t matter at the moment, especially since she would be meeting up with these individuals very soon, or as soon as they arrived.

She had set the time at one o’clock in the afternoon, but she had arrived a good thirty minutes before that. Chikara hadn’t yet ordered lunch, deciding that she would wait for Kurumi, Shiro, and Aerie to arrive before doing so. So until they arrived, the young Sp. Jounin would wait patiently at a table in the far corner of the restaurant.

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