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Earning Respect Pt. 2 [Missions]

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin
"You need to rest your body more, Bas. You've only been out the hospital a week," Lady Claudia protested. She stood in the doorway leading to her son's room while he himself laced up his shoes. He didn't reply, he honestly didn't feel the need to. Both of them knew he wasn't the sort to sit idly in bed, and it wasn't as if the tasks he was assigned were difficult ones. Two scrolls sat on the bed next to him, giving the details of the mission; both of which kept him in the village and required only a little strain on his body. "You want be happy until your right back in the hospital again," she in an annoyed tone as she walked off. Sabure sighed and stood up from his bed, grabbing the mission scrolls at the same time. "She's been like this since I've been released from the hospital," he thought headed for the door, dressed in casual clothes of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. He wanted to avoid ruining any of his good clothes with today's task.

He exited the room, leaving his bow and arrows behind since he wouldn't be needing them, and was met once again by his mother in the kitchen; the only route to take if he was gonna leave out the front door. "I will be back later, mom," he said as tried to walk past her. She responded only with her typical kiss on the forehead, Sabure never knew why she always did that; truthfully he had grown so used to it, since his youth, he hardly noticed most times. With that, he left the house and locked the door behind himself. He grabbed the first scroll and read it over. Apparently some delinquents were causing a fuss in the village and Sabure was sure he knew exactly who they were. "A broken nose and leg must not have been enough. I won't be so lenient this time," he thought as he recalled the last time he ran into the group. None were skilled and they mostly relied on numbers to make up for that. Ultimately they were cowards. After Sabure pounded the leader and one of the lackeys, the rest were ready to turn tail and run. Had Lady Risa not been there, the entire lot of them would have been put down. This time, however, Lady Risa wasn't gonna be there to save them. "Looks like there is gonna be five more for the hospital," he said as he began his search for the delinquents.

The search didn't take long, the boys weren't exactly discreet about their activities. Sabure found them in a alley with a bag full of spray cans and lighters. "Up to no good, as usual," he thought as he looked down on the boy's from atop a nearby building. The leader still had his nose bandaged and his friend's leg was in a cask and on crutches. They hardly looked intimidating, in fact, they appeared foolish with a guy who could only breathe out his mouth and a cripple. Rather than rush, Sabure focused the chakra on his feet and began to casually walk down the wall. The fools were so engrossed in their plotting that none even took notice to Sabure at all. Sabure remained quiet, wanting to hear what they were planning before he ruined their plans.

"Alright boys, we all know where that little shit lives. One of you will serve as a decoy, just start tagging up his entire house with our mark. Once he comes out, take off like a bat out of hell. When he chases you, we will set fire to his house," the broken nose leader said. "What if he catches me," one of the non-injured delinquents said. "Your the fastest out of all of us. If you can't get away, none of us can," the leader replied. "That didn't answer my question," the delinquent replied. "Stop bitchin and do the job," the leader yelled. Once the delinquent fell silent the leader continued, "Right so after we set fire to the place, we get back to the hospital and rough up his mom. That should put him in his place. No one fucks with the dropouts." The group agreed with a nod as Sabure's anger flared up.

"One problem with that plan," he said as he leaped down and blocked the only exit from the alley, "I already caught you, dumb fucks," he said. Horror danced across each of their face as they looked upon the quite pissed off Hyuuga. "What'll we do, boss," one of the delinquents asked nervously. "I highly recommend praying to whatever deity you believe in and hope he has a place for you at his side," Sabure said cracking his knuckles. The leader had barely gotten out a word before Sabure was making his charge. By the time Sabure finished, all of the delinquents were scattered across the alley and very much unconscious. Remembering the words of Lady Risa at the last minute had spared them any more broken bones, however, they would require a trip to the hospital nonetheless. "If any of you consider harming my mother again, I will kill you," Sabure stated in a stern tone as he turned away from the alley and left. The ass kicking alone took an hour, most of it being borderline torture. Sabure luckily passed a shinobi on the street and directed him to the alley, "Inform the Kazekage that the delinquents have been dealt with," he explained and promptly left.

His final stop for the day was actually a construction site. Apparently there were plenty of work related accidents here and now the company was short staffed. Quite a few shinobi took the job, a decent change of pace from dealing with the likes of those delinquents. Being no stranger to hard work, Sabure had no qualms about the mission. The task itself would serve as a decent enough work out. "You there, you must be another of those shinobi they've sent to help out," a man in a white hard hat shouted. "That'd be me. What do you need me to do," Sabure asked as he approached the the worker. "Unless you know how to operate the machinery here, your pretty much on pick up duty. We got several bags of cement that need to be brought in and put in an order across town for our new materials. Think you can handle that," the worker asked. "Simple enough, Sabure replied.

The work wasn't hard, though a bit tedious. Every so often, Sabure would get asked to perform other tasks by other workers who needed the assistance. Even the trip across town had proven a simple task and less time to do than the workers had guessed. Sabure attributed that to his daily run, which gave him more than an adequate idea of the layout of the village and its little short cuts. When the days work was done, Sabure offered to assist again if they ever needed it and promptly headed home. The sun was setting on Sunagakure as Sabure made it home. The house was empty, his mother most likely at the hospital still. After cleansing himself of the day's work, the young Hyuuga made himself a simple meal. As he ate, once again he noticed a presence in his room, "Is it that you have no life or you just simply like bothering me," Sabure said, already recognizing who it was. The messenger smiled as he took a seat at the dinner table, across from where Sabure sat. "Perhaps both," he said as he dropped Sabure's payment on the table. "I wouldn't have to come if you simply reported in your deeds," the messenger stated plainly. "I intend to, after I ate and washed if you must know. Some of us take pride in our appearance," Sabure said nonchalantly. "Point taken. You recovering well," he asked. Sabure didn't answer right away, instead he bit into his sandwich, "Are you done, as you can see I am in the middle of something," he said finally. The messenger smirked, catching the hint, and made his exit.

Sabure nodded at the man, as a sign of goodbye, and went back to his meal. Another day done. Tomorrow he would be meeting with his squad and be one step further down u path to greatness. Patience and determination were key and Sabure had both in spades.

Wc: 1415
Missions: 2 C Rank
Mission Payload: 500 ryo
Missions in Order of Completion:

Name: Delinquents.
Rank: C.
Type: Normal.
Mission given by: Kazekage.
Rewards: 250
Participants: Anyone.
Daily: Yes.
Description: Recently there has been reports of a group of delinquents causing trouble within the village. Their crimes range from harassment to arson, and thus these little devil need to be stopped before somebody is seriously injured. There is five total within the group, all academy dropouts. They have knowledge of the generic academy techniques and nothing more. Apprehend them and drop them off into police custody.

Name: Construction Worker.
Rank: C.
Type: Normal.
Mission given by: Kazekage.
Rewards: 250
Participants: Anyone.
Daily: Yes.
Description: With construction of several building going on, and the unavoidable injuries to the workers that occurred as a result, one can say the construction company is understaffed at the moment. So for the day you shall help finish construction on one of several of the building. Do listen to your supervisor, for they know what they are talking about and what the building should look like upon completion. Do be careful and mindful of yourself, your coworkers, and the environment, don’t want you sent to the hospital with injuries.


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