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Finally Home, Somewhat [Open/Dark]

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1Finally Home, Somewhat [Open/Dark] Empty Finally Home, Somewhat [Open/Dark] on Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:44 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin
Here he was, once again within the borders of his home region. However, Akio would have a drastic change of attire. Having replaced his cloak and other clothing with a white silk kimono. Along with such a formal piece of clothing the shinobi would be wearing a hat resembling a rice hat that had cloth around the back of it covering the male's trademark blue hair and a piece of cloth that was pulled over his face to make sure no one would recognize him. The one thing the shinobi did not change was his sandal, seeing as they matched the outfit and looked similar to any other sandals as expected.

Stepping back into the Land of Water Akio, or rather the identical copy of him would flash a soft smile. A rare occurrence for the boy even when he was home let alone it the years he had been gone. Having just finished a long trip Akio figured that he would take it upon himself and have a bit of a rest before moving onto the task at hand. After all it had been three whole years since the Chunin was in his homeland. Although even though this was a copy of Akio and not the original they shared all the same qualities and as such acted the same.

Stopping for a moment the young shinobi sighed as he took a few seconds to admire his surroundings. Allowing himself to take in the view the Shinobi would then continue through the last leg of his journey into the Land of Water. Several minutes would go one the blue haired male growing closer to Kirigakure step after step. Finally entering the village the shinobi would seek out the very place his Sensei had taken him along with the rest of his squad on their first day of training. A little place called "Bloody Food" in Akio's opinion the food wasn't half bad compared to the not-so creative name. That was of no matter though, Akio was merely there for the cheap rooms they rented out and nothing more. Stepping inside Akio would not make to much of a scene. Even if he didn't show it the shinobi was quite worried he would run into his former Sensei. Although he pushed it off as unlikely since he thought of the man as someone with a higher sense of taste. Especially now since he was Mizukage which would limit the chances of he being there even more.

Making his way to the counter Akio wouldn't even order something as he looked at the man at the counter. Meeting the man's gaze Akio would take into note he looked rather rough around the edges and most likely a bit more mentally sharp then most locals. The blue haired male would have to be extra careful not to make any slip ups as he spoke to the man. "One room please..." Would be the only thing Akio would say as he reached for some spare ryo he had, all the while thinking about the scroll he had slung over his shoulder and hanging at his lower back. While he had done well hiding most of his stuff this massive scroll was one thing he couldn't hide. Again Akio wasn't too worried since the only one people to see him with the scroll was his old Sensei and his former squad mate, Chikara.

Also as Akio stood in front of the man he couldn't help but think everyone around him most likely would recognize him as a missing ninja. After all Erwin most likely would have had him classified as missing seeing as he had not reported back in three yeas. Although the old man always had a different way of thinking then most and Akio wasn't sure if his suspicions would be correct or not.

WC: 641
Old Chakra Level: 85/140
New Chakra Level: 140/140



Jutsu Costs:

C-Ranked Shinobi Jutsu Costs/Adept Costs
E-Rank Jutsu: 5 Chakra Cost/ 2.5 Chakra
D-Rank Jutsu: 10 Chakra Cost/ 5 Chakra
C-Rank Jutsu: 25 Chakra Cost/ 12.5 Chakra
B-Rank Jutsu: 40 Chakra Cost/ 20 Chakra
A-Rank Jutsu: 50 Chakra Cost
S-Rank Jutsu: Cannot Use
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