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We are the Champions [OPEN]

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Konoha Jounin
Konoha Jounin

Ostentatious. Exciting. Glorious.

Standing out from all other buildings in the village was the Konoha Grand Casino, a battle pit of luxury and despair. Shouts, celebrations, vibrant machinery, and the smell of alcohol illuminated the casino as the kind of place you want to be in if you got yourself some cash and you want to risk your balls to get more. This was just among the many things that distinguished Konohagakure from the other villages; they were the only ones in this world that built a place dedicated to gambling here. Of course, there is still action with violence here. From time to time some poor kid gets himself in one hell of a debt and messed with the wrong person. Often times the person goes missing and is nowhere to be seen again, likely buried under one of Konohagakure's many forests. Sometimes they do show up, at the bottom of a local dumpster with a face mangled and bloodied up so bad that their mothers can't even make their funerals an open casket. Konohagakure's Casino. The place to be a champion.

Musashi was sitting at the lounge reading one of the light novels he bought at the bookstore. This time it was a story about a vampire that terrorized one of the oldest villages in the world, and it alternated between the perspectives of the vampire and the man hunting him down, blurring the lines between protagonist and antagonist. He was here because his friends was going to hit the slot machines and then go for the card games. He needed Musashi around in case one of the players hit him out or one of the bodyguards rough him up a bit upon escorting him out - for whatever reason. He heard passing through him two bodyguards carrying a washed-up scrub all the way to the door. Despite pleas and protests, they used his head to open the door, bashing it open before they let him loose into the outside quarters of the district that the casino was in, where all the plebians walked. They came back in, and Musashi just turned aside and kept on reading.


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