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1Bingo Book Empty Bingo Book on Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:13 am


Bingo Book %3E

The Bingo book is a comprehensive list of the wanted criminals in Konohagakure and considered missing ninja, each of the people listed are player characters who are wanted for crimes worthy of their arrest or death. Each of these members are wanted dead or alive, with no deduction of pay for either delivery method. Proof of their death/ crime is necessary. To claim a prize, post a link to the thread of the killed/ captured ninja, with the names of the participants in the thread. Note, to add people to the bingo book, for crimes or for any other deed, you must in character report the deeds of the criminal to another ninja of Konoha of Jounin rank or higher, as only they can make additions to the book. However, Jounin rank and higher ninja are able to add names at will (Regardless if a crime was committed or not!).

These are the Konoha Rewards for capturing / Killing missing ninja controlled by player characters. Rewards are handed out to people who played significant parts in the threads of which the ninja is captured.

  • D Rank: 500 Ryo

  • C Rank: 750 Ryo
  • B Rank: 1000 Ryo
  • A Rank: 1500 Ryo
  • S Rank: 2000 Ryo
  • SS Rank: 3500 Ryo



Bonuses are not an official increase in price for a target, but rather an IC increase of the targets price by the Kage or the person placing the bounty, if someone wishes to increase the price on a bounty, they are able to post in this thread, pledging resources to incite prerogative for their capture or execution. Unlike Rewards, bonuses are divided among the participants, and are not given in full to each person in the thread.


Konohagakure, while being open and accepting to other ninja and cultures, they have a couple of stead fast laws which if committed, and the person is reported 'in character' to a ninja of Jounin rank or higher, they can be added to the bingo book and be hunted as a missing ninja.

  • Desertion
    Leaving the country without the consent of the Hokage is considered desertion, and will have a ninja labelled as a missing ninja and added to the bingo book.
  • Murder
    Non state sanctioned murder of citizens of Konohagakure is murder, and will have them added to the bingo book as a criminal, and considered a missing ninja until they are apprehended and judged. Though, as Konohagakure hold no prisoners, Murder is considered 'the killing of a person whom is an undeserving/ unarmed opponent or felon, who is not sanctioned by the country.' (Missions 'must' state to kill the targets to kill them without penalty if they would not otherwise be deserving, Ie, thieves do not deserve death, killing them is murder unless they try to kill you.)
  • Treason
    Treason is any act directly against the state which could cause any form of panic or structural damage to Konohagakure as a country.


Kinjutsu are types of jutsu/ techniques that if used in Konohagakure and the player is caught or reported ICly by another ninja, they can be moved to the bingo book as a criminal/ missing ninja.

  • Amaterasu technique (And any Variant)
  • Human Puppetry
  • Necromancy (Raising the Dead as the undead.)
  • Techniques with a 50m destructive radii or more

Application for Adding to the book

To apply for a person to be added to the bingo book, or to increase their bounty, simply post in this thread with the following template!

[b]Name of Criminal:[/b] (The name of the ninja whom is missing, or a criminal)
[b]Criminals Rank:[/b] (Their ninja rank.)
[b]Their Crime:[/b] (What they did, in short.)
[b]Bonus:[/b] (Any bonus you wish to add to the report.)
[b]Link to proof thread:[/b] (link a thread where 'your character' witnessed the crime, and reported it to a kage or jounin. If you're a jounin, a link to the thread where you added the name will suffice.)


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