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Back to the old tactics again. (Open | No Kill) Pixel

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Back to the old tactics again. (Open | No Kill)

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A day has passed since the mysterious White Crow Assassin had been titled as the new hokage of Konohagakure. The first day was not really that bad of a day with the occasional paperwork that was constantly given to him by his subordinates and whatnot. Well, that was the life of a kage at best. His personal crow had flew all around his room, and would occasionally land on top of its cage and eat its bird food that was given to him by Aigo as his other crows would drop by and have a taste of the food as well before leaving his room. His blade was by his side on his hip, the sheath tucked nice and tight by a rope, positioned horizontally behind his lower back. He was thinking about getting another sword also, since his personal sword was only used for cutting and decapitation if needed. His crow had made the usual bird sound while looking at the hokage, implying that he may have visitors or so, seeing as though he could somewhat understand the bird. Nonetheless, the bird flew and landed on Aigo's shoulder, looking out at the window to see a view of Konohagakure, the entire village.

The hokage then had turn to do a check procedure in his room, making sure that all objectives portraying to paper-wise was complete. He should really get a secretary for this kind of job. All papers portraying to the defense mechanism of Konoha were complete, although Aigo decided to hold the operation off for a little while. There was a few papers giving details of somewhat a mercernary squad, although Aigo said he had no need, for he had the ANBU, but someone had mentioned a more personal squad, one that Aigo handpicked out for Konoha from other villages. That had somewhat peeked Aigo's interests, seeing as though sometimes the ANBU are not present. He said he will look into that further.

The Squad listings were up to date, but Aigo had wanted the Genin themselves to pick the squads of their choosing, although he had one student already in his squad. A student by the name of Hitomi Shiruku. He had not heard that name before, nor even expecting what abilities she could bring to the table, but nonetheless, as generous as he was cold and callous, he decided to at least give her a try in his squad. He might even take her on missions that might be a bit too advanced for her, but with Aigo's help, she might pull through to bigger and better things.

Other than those three topics on paper, everything else was pretty much clean and organized. He had not received word of any criminals, major or minor, in Konohagakure, let alone the crime efficient rate here in Konohagakure. Everything had seemed to be going smoothly, but the hokage had never let his guard down for a swift second.


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Standing outside of the Hokage's Office stood and strange man, a man who face was not known by many. That being because not many have seen this face of his or have and have fallen victim to an cruel fate. But that was neither here or there, as he wanted the Hokage and whoever he met this day to see his true face. U.N would knock on the door twice and then wait to hear if it was okay for him to enter, as he didn't want to come off as rude by going right in. As today he was starting an dangerous game he has wanted to play for so very long, and felt he could win. But he would have to approach many thing very carefully. As losers of this game could suffer an great change in their fate. While the winner would have the option of his prize. Whenever U.N would hear any word that would allow him to enter or the door would be opened for him he would come in and bow as a sign of respect. 

"Hello Lord Hokage. I am glad that I have finally been able to schedule an short chat with you." U.N was holding an black book, that he held tightly in his right hand. He would slowly approach the Hokage's Desk and place the book down, before taking a few steps back to his original spot. "I will get right to the point and tell you what I am here for, but please can you look within that book. As within that book holds the pictures of and all the information of members of the criminal organization...Akatsuki." A small grin would appear on the face of U.N as the excitement from the start of the game was great. He would though control himself begin to continent, if the Hokage would look into the book or not. "The Akatsuki, as you know, are the culprits that  cause a war between your Village and Sunagakure and Kirirgakure. But due to that mess being taking care of from what I have heard you may also know that the Akatsuki has been missing for the passed three years, and no one has been able to find out where their whereabouts are  or any trail of those disgusting criminals. Well everyone but me. As I was able to find one of those bastards and effectively kill him."  U.N would reach into his pocket and pull out an a small piece of fabric, he would lift it up and turn it around to reveal and red cloud on it. "This is all that I have left of the one known as Raktaviji. He did try to plea for his life by giving me vital information to the whereabouts of his comrades, but I still had to kill him....As I can't let any of them to live..." U.N would have an expression of anger appear on his face, but soon would compose himself.

"Before I continue would you like me to explain anything more in depth or do you have any question before I lose you?"  U.N would ask with an calm expression on his face as he adjusted his glasses.  U.N still had many things that he needed to say, but would understand if he needed to explain what has already been said. Within the black book the information about the Akatsuki members was laid out simply. The first few pages had all the information of the current Akatsuki, of what they have done and what is known about them in the world. Though the information didn't give much detail everything they had done, only big crimes that haven't been reported to all of the Villages. Nothing that gave up too much of their information. Then each of them had a whole page to themselves, with their name at the top. But that was only for a few of them: Raktaviji, Hanae, Kazan, and Kamina. Those four also were the only ones with an Picture. The pictures though being very old and not updated, as they were taken many years ago. The two last pages had the name 'Unknown Member' and the other 'Akatsuki Leader'. Only information about them was that they were female.  Those four mentioned before had all their abilities that are already known listed, as information of those Missing Ninja are know from other Bingo Books. The Black book basically being a Bingo Book created by U.N just for the Akatsuki, and the only more information it had was about the other activities they have been doing. At the end of the book was about how Akatsuki had to have something to do with Sunagakure coming back from Economic struggles, but nothing more then that. 

Word Count: 0798/0000


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Hitomi Shiruku

Hitomi Shiruku
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Once she had received the news, not only on the new Hokage but that he was meant to be her new sensei to guide her along. She was curious to this action and right to know as she was his new student. She went up to the door and barely rose her hand to knock upon it, however she soon stopped as she heard the voices inside. She didn't wish to disturb him in an important meeting, however seeing the door swing open she looked up to the two men in confusion as she stood there a moment. "I-I uh..." She stuttered out for a moment as she was trying to find her words once more as she laughed a bit. "Um sorry, I'm Hitomi, H-Hitomi Shiruku? I was informed on having a new sensei and I just was a bit curious to meet him."

She took a moment to scratch her head in embarrassment as she looked at them. "If this is a bad time I can come back later if you want me to." She mentioned standing at the door awkwardly waiting for their response as she took a moment to look to U.N as she was a bit concerned. She never had seen the man in the village before, let alone his very presence was daunting and also a bit rough, but she shook it off as she didn't wish to judge others before knowing them properly. She gave out a smile to the two of them as she kept thinking on how odd placed she was. It didn't help the Hokage himself seemed very young for the position but she had no qualms, only just seemed to focus on them both.

WC: 285

((Sorry for such a short post, I wasn't sure how to draw it out more))


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