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Earning Respect Pt. 3 [Missions] Pixel

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Earning Respect Pt. 3 [Missions]

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Suna Genin
Suna Genin
Missions in Order of Completion:
Name: Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night Watch.
Rank: D.
Type: Normal.
Mission given by: Kazekage.
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone.
Daily: Yes.
Description: There has been a shortage of shinobi capable of patrolling the entrance to the village, most high ranking officers are conducting missions outside of the village for the time being. Since we don’t want to relax security on the gates, we have simply handed the task of patrol to the shinobi that can do so. Keep an eye out on the desert and report any suspicious activities to the administration.

Name: Gardner.
Rank: D.
Type: Normal.
Mission given by: Risa Hanuel.
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone. 
Daily: Yes.
Description: One of our elders, Risa to be specific, has requested the assistance of a shinobi, rank doesn’t matter, to help her set up her garden. This lovely woman is placing a variety of desert plants into her garden, with some being rather expensive and thus you should handle these plants with care. Respect Risa and listen to her, for she knows the best way to garden on top of the fact that she’s not only your employer but your elder as well.

He arrived on duty for his patrol mission, once again in the evening. Since his time away in the hospital, Sabure had been very much eager to get back into his normal routine. Ironically enough the same shinobi that had been tasked with patrol duty the last time Sabure was here had remained. These same two shinobi had been the ones who found him in the desert when Sabure had ran into a sandstorm to chase down an escaped convict. "Still alive, huh," one said with a laugh as he held out a fist to Sabure. Sabure responded to the gesture by giving the shinobi some dap, bringing his own fist down on top of the shinobi's fist, "Yeah, your girlfriend was quite ecstatic about the news," Sabure said with a smirk as he took a seat at the table provide for the guard. "Ha the genin has jokes today," the other shinobi said with a laugh. All three shinobi joined in on the laugh as they went on with their duties. Each man was tasked with doing at least one patrol around the immediate area, both inside and outside the village. Meanwhile the other two would be made to remain at the gate. This routine was a newly added task, in light of recent events where the convict actually made it out the village by going through the lax security of the gate. Sabure made his rounds at least 7 times that evening. Not once did he run across any abnormal activity. Aside from a few honest traders and delivery guys, all of whom were thoroughly inspected, the night was quiet and relatively peaceful.

When his shift came to an end, Sabure lingered around a bit longer to kill time with the other two shinobi. Being that they were chuunin themselves, they were tasked with longer hours than a genin would. The two chuunin shinobi didn't mind the hyuuga's company, mostly because they both were familiar with him in the village. "So I hear your making a go for chuunin the old fashioned way," one asked as he sat against the wall with his arms folded. "Chuunin get paid more and my family could use the money," Sabure replied, though this was only half true. The other chuunin picked up on this and smirked, "Pardon me if I don't believe your entire motivation is money, Sabure. The look in your eyes give away a lot of secrets." Sabure only smirked at that particular response, "My eyes give away only what I allow." The response prompted a quick stare down that was only interrupted by the shinobi with his back to the wall, "Calm down ladies. No need to start lezzing out." The statement prompted laughter from all three shinobi as they passed the time sharing stories of fucked up missions of their past, Sabure's own story being about what all had happened in that desert.

Once the chuunin's required time ended and their relief arrived, Sabure headed on to his home just as the sun was coming up. He entered his home and once again found his mother passed out in front of the tv, still dressed in her work clothes. He went towards a closet and revealed a blanket and covered his mom with it so she wouldn't get cold. He then headed to his own room to find a small pouch and a scroll. The pouch carried his payout for his mission and the scroll held the details for his mission this afternoon. He was to further his assistance with the village elder Risa. She had apparently asked for him specifically. With a solid 8 to 9 hours before he had to be there, Sabure took advantage of his time and got some rest. He had the feeling he would need it today.

When he woke from his slumber the smell of breakfast filled the air. Sabure sat up in his bed as he yawned and got up to find the source. His lead him to a breakfast made by his mother. After the usual back-and-forth banter between the two, Sabure gathered his things left for the location of the garden. Upon arrival he discovered that Lady Risa had yet to arrive, but all of the tools were present. Just by looking he could tell exactly what needed to be done, which was mostly to complete the process of breaking up the dirt. This was to make it much easier to plant seeds in them and make the soil easier to manage. The time consuming task was all but completed by the time the elder arrived carrying several bags. Sabure moved to assist her, taking the bags from her. "Thank you, young one, I am happy to hear you have fully recovered," she stated with a smile as she pointed to where she wanted the bags placed. "Checking up on me, are you," Sabure said plainly as he did as he was asked. "Your scorpion venom helped figure out the proper plants needed to counteract the venom. Tis why we have this new batch of seeds. You've done something major for the village, young one, now scorpion encounters don't have to be fatal." "Glad to see my near death experience was useful," he said sarcastically before getting swatted upside the head by Elder Risa. "That's something else they should be thankful for," she scolded as he sat the bags down, "You've done what I needed already, young one. Thank you for the help." "You sure," he asked, though his question was answered when he spotted a few other shinobi arriving. "Yes, they will be taking over I suppose. The task you did was meant for all three of you, but it seems you took it upon yourself to finish it all. So they will do the rest, you can head on home."

Without a fuss, Sabure said his farewells to Elder Risa and headed on back home. He felt like enjoying himself tonight. A change of pace from his normal routine.

WC: 1001 wc
Missions: 2 D Ranks


Earning Respect Pt. 3 [Missions] Untitl10
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