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Earning Respect Pt. 4 [Missions] Pixel

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Earning Respect Pt. 4 [Missions]

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1Earning Respect Pt. 4 [Missions] Empty Earning Respect Pt. 4 [Missions] on Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:11 am


Suna Genin
Suna Genin
Missions in Order of Completion:
Name: Nurse Assistant.
Rank: D.
Type: Normal.
Mission given by: Suna Hospital.
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone. 
Daily: Yes.
Description: Our nurses have begun complaining about their overwhelming workload and demand assistance or they shall quit. So out of desperation, we really cannot lose any nurses, we have hired you to play nurse assistant for the day. You shall be assigned to a nurse, and you must do everything that she says to the letter, we don’t need you accidentally killing a patient or two because you couldn’t be bothered to follow instruction.

Name: Feline.
Rank: D.
Type: Normal.
Mission given by: Kazekage.
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone.
Daily: Yes.
Description: Miss Kimiko feline friend is on the loose once again, really she needs to buy that creature a stronger leash or keep it in a cage. We all know that this is of some concern based on the nature of the feline, it not being just some generic tabby cat, oh no it’s a tiger. A very large, vicious tiger that isn’t afraid to pounce upon the tasty inhabitants of this village. So you are to capture it before it mauls some poor passerby or kills a couple kiddies, though do exercise caution during the duration of the mission. Just because you are a shinobi doesn’t mean the feline won’t try to make you its next meal.

Name: Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night Watch.
Rank: D.
Type: Normal.
Mission given by: Kazekage.
Rewards: 200
Participants: Anyone.
Daily: Yes.
Description: There has been a shortage of shinobi capable of patrolling the entrance to the village, most high ranking officers are conducting missions outside of the village for the time being. Since we don’t want to relax security on the gates, we have simply handed the task of patrol to the shinobi that can do so. Keep an eye out on the desert and report any suspicious activities to the administration. 

After the typical morning rituals, Sabure was all set to tend to his missions today. He rather like the idea that his hardwork wouldn't go unnoticed and was all the more eager to continue to do so. He was aware of his talents and skills as a put him on par or perhaps even greater standing with the shinobi that had lived all their lives in Sunagakure. Not an easy feat for one who had spent the first half of his life in an outside village. Sabure considered himself lucky to have ended up in such an open village like Suna, who made the young Hyuuga feel like he belonged since his arrival. What better way to honor the gesture than by making himself for any mission that came his way. Though the missions suggested that it was a paid service, Sabure was eager to complete them; it often gave him a chance to practice his other talents aside from fighting. The location of his first mission of the day was one such challenge, though it was one he had completed before.

Still suffering from being horribly understaffed, the hospital was always a guaranteed job one could do. The job itself only got tedious when Sabure would have to assist with room clean up. Between the piss and poop bags, the young genin would always volunteer to do any job other than clean up. This almost always usually meant that he would be working with his mother, whose main task was to see that each patient had clean bandages or if they needed to be transferred to another room. Such was the case today. As if she knew his attention, Lady Claudia greeted her son the moment he walked in the hospital entrance. "Your late, Bast," she stated. Though still bustling, the hospital today was relatively quiet enough for one to speak plainly instead of shouting. "I'm early, actually, but whatever," he said with a shrug as he approached the desk. By now she was standing, her blonde hair tied in a bun, and handed Sabure a clipboard. "We're doing room checks again. No one is getting moved today so hopefully we can finish up early," she stated as she grabbed a clipboard of her own. Sabure only nodded to show acknowledgement as he looked over the names written on sheet of paper. A bit more than usual, but nothing to make a fuss about.

The task itself, as expected, was fairly simple. It took only a few hours to get everyone tended to. Once it was all done, Lady Claudia dismissed Sabure and stated she'd let the Kazekage know he'd done his job. That left only one more task to complete, which was one of the more dangerous missions he'd have to do today. Whether the lady was stupid, irresponsible, or both; Sabure wondered why anyone would even let her own a dog let alone a tiger. This was something that Sabure often wondered whenever he'd be forced to deal with the animal. "Here's to hoping I don't get mauled to death," he said as he neared the last location the tiger was seen.

The playground was empty, likely cleared out due to the tiger's presence. On laying down across the monkey bars was the beast, as brazen as it wanted to be. Almost immediately the tiger roused from it's nap and laid its eyes on Sabure. "We've been through this you damn cat. Make this easier on both of us and just go home," Sabure stated plainly. The tiger only roared defiantly, almost as if it understood what Sabure said. "Fair enough," Sabure stated with a shrug.

As if his final few words were the signal, the tiger pounced toward Sabure with even more speed than usual. The sudden change had taken Sabure by surprised and ultimately resulted in the beast clawing his leg as the young Hyuuga attempted to evade it. The hit, that barely went through his clothes, had made the shinobi become off balance resulting in slip to the ground. The tiger seemed very aware of the situation as it turned and pounced again, leaving no time for Sabure to recover. The beast landed on top of Sabure who by now had his left forearm pressing against the tiger's neck in order to stop it from trying to chew on his face. "Well now, it seems the cat has learned a few tricks, he grunted as he used his strength to keep the beast at bay, "I have a few of my own." With that said Sabure activated his Byakugan, easily spotting the beast's chakra points. His first attack came from his right hand, which was a simple open-palmed strike at the left side of the tiger's head. The blow served it's purpose, leaving the tiger very disoriented. Sabure's follow up to the attack came immediately after his first strike as he flipped the beast over him so that it's entire body would go sailing over his head. He the flipped to his feet, his back to the tiger as it gained it's bearings. Sabure took a stance, one that anyone who is familiar with Hyuuga techniques would recognize. Such details, however, weren't known by the tiger sadly; as it shook it's head and pounced yet again.

There were 64 strikes in total, so fast that all the beast could only flail pointlessly to stop the assault. By the time the 8-Trigrams 64 Palms ended, the tiger was on the ground unconscious. "Simple enough, I suppose," he said as he knocked the dirt off his clothes. He hoisted up the tiger on his shoulder and proceeded to take the beast home. Upon arrival he informed the owner of the tiger that creature would wake up after its "nap" and scolded her about not doing a better job with controlling her pet. She made a promise to do better, but Sabure knew the absent-minded woman was likely to repeat her mistake. For now the day was his, having completed his tasks for the day. Unfortunately, no sooner did Sabure make it half way home, the notorious messenger arrived with his usual unwanted timing.

"What now," Sabure asked as he stopped in his tracks. "Last minute orders from the Kazekage. Your needed on patrol this afternoon, we're short a man," the messenger stated as he handed Sabure a scroll. "Oh joy, sentry duty," Sabure stated sarcastically as he took the scroll. "If you don't feel up to the task I could ask someone else. You are still recovering from that injury, no," the messenger said with a smirk. Sabure ignored the statement altogether, not bothering with being goaded into the messenger's game. He had his orders and he would see them done. He turned away from his route that lead him home and headed back the way he had came; picking up the pace as he headed to his next destination. He arrived at his post in less then a few minutes, having not being far in the first place. He was tasked with patrols rather than his usual gate guard duty. Apparently he had shown he was able to fend for himself back during the criminal breakout. An eternal student, Sabure was allowed to see first hand how patrols work in the field. The team he was placed in were all welcoming, some having heard about his run in with the giant scorpion. By patrols end, Sabure felt a sort of kinship with the shinobi. All of them had been tested and overcame all that stood in their path. Quite inspiring. Sabure soaked in all the knowledge his seniors were willing to offer. Being the sort to always seek to better himself, learning from the experience of others was second nature to him. Once the patrol was done, Sabure was re-stationed at the gate to finish off the remainder of his duties. By nightfall his mission was complete and was eager to get on home. Once again his missions had soaked up his entire day. Upside being that he at least got paid for the job and learned quite a bit.

As he neared his home, Sabure stopped dead in his tracks the moment he noticed he was being followed. He had a pretty decent guess of who it could, after all the man only showed his face when he was least wanted. Such was the case. The messenger arrived with the typical payout for his completed missions. This time, however, he also carried a scroll with the Kazekage seal upon it. "Seems your hard work has earned you notice," he stated as he handed it all over to Sabure, "I'm sure she could use a shinobi like you for the future." Before Sabure could respond the messenger was gone, as usual. "At least he brought my money as well," he thought as he continued on his way home. He wanted to call it an early night, considering the day he had to look forward to tomorrow.

WC: 1500


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