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Broken Wings (OPEN)

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1Broken Wings (OPEN) Empty Broken Wings (OPEN) on Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:49 pm

Hitomi Shiruku

Hitomi Shiruku
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
The entire family of the Shiruku was at the hospital that day. Not because of an attack, rather one that's been going on that ceased finally. Tatsu was held up in his mother's arms, the blue haired boy of just a young age of 11 looking down. The mother looked at the bedside she stood in front of with the look of sorrow to fill her ever aging face. But it wasn't who was in the bed that had them depressed today, but instead who was. A shinobi that saved his family in the cost of a coma that raged on for over 10 years had finally reached an end. Today was his termination date, he could no longer live but sleep forever in pain or as the decision has come to be, he would be put out of his misery as a true man should. Nurses and Doctors stood outside incase of anything breaking down or out in the situation. Things were quiet, quelled for a long time before the voice of a young shinobi herself spoke up. "Wake up, wake up dad...don't leave us, please!" The young shinobi revealed as to be Hitomi, the eldest daughter to the man in the bed. She was holding his hand and all she could do was sit on the floor crying, weeping in fact. She had seen many people lose their own families, she had seen the worst wounds a man could bear and she knew when it was time for them to leave. But no one could expect her to keep calm in the midst of the man who not only trained her, but raised her, cared for her, and loved her more as his own daughter. She was more than torn, rather broken and shattered to pieces.

It wasn't too long Tatsu was sat down to look at his mother. "Is he ever going to mommy?" He asked as his mother held a hand over her mouth trying to hold back her own tears as she shook her head and looked away from the bedside. Hitomi weeped out cries and she was even shaking. She saw the nurses enter and knew it was time but she didn't want to leave, she couldn't handle the fact he had to go like this. "P-please, daddy don't leave me! Just blink, move a finger, anything...something please I was learning so I could cure you! So you'd come back!" Her mother came to her side and had to help push her out slowly with Tatsu confused and scared from the situation. Hitomi fought back against her then as they finally reached the bench to sit and wait, Hitomi placed her arms on her knees and covered her face with her palms. She was clenching her teeth and knuckles tightly as she breathed in a exasperated motion. Tatsu then went up to her and tapped her arm. She shook her head once before he seemed to squish through and hug her as best as he could. She relaxed her arms a bit and hugged him back. "T-tatsu, re...remember him as a honorable shinobi. His battle was just in his mind, rather than on the fields." She shivered out with her mom getting the doctors explanation upon the death of her husband. 10 long years of being in a coma and he was to never awaken, not ever again.

With that her mother nodded and gathered the children together, knowing the doctors needed to study his body for reasons and causes of the coma before the funeral could be held. But it was conformation upon death. Hitomi barely wanted to leave the hospital and for a few days, she just seemed trapped in her own mind. She seemed to always follow her way, every day to a single bench, she seemed to stare off into the distance in a trance before seeming to fall asleep on the bench in a curled up ball. It seems she was breaking down and she needed someone, some kind of aid to help her. Something to distract her mind until she could handle reality. Though that was easier said than done, she had someone but they left her crumbled. What, or rather who she needed was possibly a person who could either make her feel safe, or strong. But who could help her in such a delicate topic such as a parent dying. What could she do about it anyhow, she kept him alive for 10 years in a coma just in hope of him waking up and he never did. It felt to her as if she failed him, like she didn't deserve to be called a med-nin trainee. Those blue eyes that were so close to hope and happiness, could she ever get them back?

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