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Kaori Updates (Done)

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1Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Kaori Updates (Done) on Sun May 14, 2017 4:34 am



Kaori Updates (Done) Ag4D3ZK

Name: Kaori Yuki
Link to Character: Kaori Yuki- かおり ゆき
Character Template: Shinobi
Clan: Yuki
Village: Uzushiogakure
Rank: Uzushiokage (S-rank)

Kaori Updates (Done) UkU3pHH


  • Bestfriend: - N/A
  • Partner: - N/A
  • Rival: - N/A

Ninja Squad:

  • Squad Name:
  • Sensei:
  • Team Member 1: -
  • Team Member 2: -

Kaori Updates (Done) FeNLoU4
Ninja Points:
19 total: 12 Starter, +2 Kage start, +1 from 3 point app, +2 from starting during the first month +2 High Intelligence

Purchasing 1 Doyen upgrade and 100 additional stats.

19- 10 - 8 =1

Starting Elements: Ice(Water+Wind)

Combat Specialties:

Starting with 13 combat points due to S rank, +2 High Intelligence +1 3 point app for a total of 16, sacrificing 2 to gain a Doyen as stated in the combat guide, S rank ninja may choose to sacrifice 2 of their combat points to receive a Doyen in 1 Combat Specialty.

Ninjutsu- Doyen - 6 Combat Points

Puppetry- Doyen -4 combat points, upgrade Purchased through Ninja Points

Medical- Apprentice- 2 Combat Points

Bukijutsu- Master- 4 Combat Points
Bukijutsu Focus:

Tessenjutsu | The use of a war fan, whether as a blunt weapon or as a type of shield, is similar to the real world "tessenjutsu". Tessenjutsu is rather unique, as anything that is used for offense and defense would qualify, if it does not specifically fall under another aspect. Turtle Shields, War Fans,

Tessenjutsu users are allowed to put stats based on their Combat level into Intelligence or Stamina
People with the Ninja Class get a 10% additional discount on purchasing and training Tessenjutsu Techniques.
Tessenjutsu techniques that are used are based on the weapon
Tessenjutsu techniques have an advantage over shurikenjutsu techniques, giving them a +20% boost when used against each other. (Techniques/Jutsu used, not simple weapon vs weapon)

Databook Values:

300 starter stats + 100 purchased = 400 to allocate

+60 Chakra from Doyen Ninjutsu
+40 Intelligence or Stamina from Bukijutsu Mastery(Choosing intelligence)
+60 to Chakra or Stamina Puppetry Doyen(Chakra)
+20 Chakra medical apprentice

Stamina Bonus: 75 Stamina ~ Allows one to expend 45 Chakra a post. Can stave off the exhausted condition for 1 more post, and fatigue for 2 posts. Recover 5 Chakra every 3 posts.

  • Strength: 80
  • Stamina: 85
  • Speed:100
  • Intelligence: 175
  • Chakra: 354

Derived Values:

  • Reaction Time: 30+100+30=160
  • Durability: 80+85÷3= 55 +30 =85
  • Lifeforce: 40
  • Luck: 180+40 ÷7 = 31.4 rounded to 31 +5 =36

Special Characteristics:

-Flower Ninja Art Tier II (Starter SC, Free upgrade from High Intelligence)

-Doyen Tier III (Bought Doyen)

Kaori Updates (Done) F8OuetG

Ryo: 13,000 +1000+ 800 = 14,800
Kugujutsu bonus:

Doyen | +1,000 Ryo to be used on Puppet(s) and Weapon Attachments, 65% off Weapon Attachments and puppets.

Bukijutsu Bonus:
Master | +800 Ryo to be used on Weapon(s), 50% off Weapon (Not Ability).

Weapons Carried:
-Jounin Jacket
-Forehead Protector
-Kage Robe/Cloak

Stored Weapons:
-4 packs of 10 Senbon
-4 packs of 10 Shuriken
-50 Kunai
-20 smoke bombs
-5 scrolls
-1Free S rank weapon from Kage starter pack- no abilities


5 S Rank Techniques
10 A rank Jutsu Techniques
10 B rank Jutsu Techniques
25 C rank Techniques
25 D rank Techniques
All E rank Jutsu's

Last edited by Kaori on Tue May 23, 2017 10:04 am; edited 25 times in total

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2Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Thu May 18, 2017 5:55 am



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3Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Mon May 22, 2017 1:16 am

There has been a recent update http://www.narutonexus.com/t5774-beta-patch-3
Chakra calculation has been changed and stamina has been given a function. Make you sure you read it and update your update if you want. Let me know when you're all squared away.


Kaori Updates (Done) Navi_s11
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4Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Mon May 22, 2017 3:47 am


I already did, but thank you.

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5Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Mon May 22, 2017 12:11 pm

It's +1 from 3 point app not 2.

Where the heck are all these stats coming from. I can guess the majority of them but like why are there two +120 and two +100 in chakra? Stick it in a spoiler or in parenthesis or something to tell us where these stats are coming from.

For Doyen let's refer to the SC

Special Characteristic: Doyen Specialty
Tier: Tier III
Type: Self
Description: What does it do?
Word Count Requirement: When you first earn this, either through ranking up to S and spending 2 specialty points, or by purchasing it with Ninja Points, you earn this SC for free and it does not count towards your limit. To increase something to Doyen Level again, costs words and 1 Specialty Point as well as an open slot for the SC. The first time done it costs 5,000 Words, every additional time costs an extra 2,000 words. You can only have 1 Doyen per specialty, so you can't double Doyen Ninjutsu for instance. You must also be a master in the specialty you are increasing to Doyen. You cannot be an adept in Fuuinjutsu and try and claim this to get Doyen level.

When you are sacrificing the combat points it's not to auto get doyen it's to increase a master to doyen meaning for starts it'll cost you 4.(a better way of looking at it is you don't start with -2 getting doyen just costs 6) Same with purchasing it through skill points you need to put 4 combat points towards master then spend the skill points for doyen. This means that all added up you are spending 24 combat points.


Kaori Updates (Done) Navi_s11
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6Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Mon May 22, 2017 11:44 pm


Bump. And those extra in chakra came from the calculation. It's supposed to be base + whatever you add in +strength + speed + stamina ÷3 so that's what that is.

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7Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Tue May 23, 2017 9:56 am

Intelligence 25 (shinobi) + 110 (point distribution) + 40 (bukijutsu) = 175

Chakra lol you're going to like this. Strength 80 + Stamina 85 + Speed 100 = 265/3=88.33 + 25 (shinobi) + 100 (point distribution) +60 (ninjutsu) +60 (puppetry) +20 (med) = 354 (353.33)


Kaori Updates (Done) Navi_s11
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8Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Tue May 23, 2017 10:04 am



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9Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Tue May 23, 2017 8:20 pm



Kaori Updates (Done) Navi_s11
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10Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Tue May 23, 2017 8:24 pm

Please state what focus for bukijutsu you are taking


Kaori Updates (Done) Hirako_shinji_by_tritonsan-d8lgfxk
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11Kaori Updates (Done) Empty Re: Kaori Updates (Done) on Tue May 23, 2017 8:28 pm


Masashi wrote:Please state what focus for bukijutsu you are taking

It is already stated in a spoiler

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