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1Every Drop Counts Empty Every Drop Counts on Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:53 pm

Yui Nara

Yui Nara


Even before the first signs of light, the wee birds were about. Hopping frantically from branch to branch as their beedy little eyes scanned the floor. The term the early bird gets the early worm, had always seemed too literaly in its meaning. Apart from its derived origins, it felt a bit forced in other scenarios. Sort of how circle blocks do in fact fit into some square holes. A small weaver bird landed on a nearby window sill, intrigued by its own reflection. The bird, challenged, began a tirade of pecking. The bird, finally accepting the situation spread its wee wings and was off.

Yui awoke with a mumble. A furious tapping noise at the window had stirred her. She was sitting on a labchair, her feet dangling off its raised stool. Her head buried deep into her arms. She lifted her head up with a quickly drawn breath, a piece of paper stuck to the side of her spectacled face. Lethargy still apparent, her hand returned the paper to the desk. Her eyes were still somewhat shut, her face puffy from the poor sleeping conditions. With a yawn and a stretch she wiped her mouth on her lab coat. She felt ugly, she was probably ugly. She was just glad no one was around to see her. She yawned again her vision adjusting into the early morning light.

She raised both her arms in the air and arced her spine backwards. She let out a squeek as she felt her bones crackle and align. A rush of endorphins and she was quickly awake. She looked around, the lab was disgusting. Empty boxes of take out foods, stacks of files and papers scattered across every work surface. Empty beaker and tea mugs filled in the sinks. Her nose sniffed once, something smelled in the lab too. She looked around the lab once more, making sure no one was around. Sniff. It wasn't her but... a shower wouldn't hurt. Yui was glad that the smell wasn't her but then also disturbed that there was a strange smell of unknown origins.

She had spent the last few days in the clinic piled on with work. A strange fever had been going a round, though not fatal it had caused a number of problems, mostly in children. Cold Sweats, shaking hands and the inability to keep food down. That however was behind them now. A foreign spore had travelled from a far and had taken root in the forests nearby. Children who naturally poke around had been carrying the somewhat poisonous mushrooms with them. Worried at first about an unknown strain of sorts a cure was being worked on but as clinic worked away it was soon discovered it was more of an allergic reaction than anything. The fungus not being edible needed to be eradicated but that had been handed to a team of botanists. Relieved, the team had gone home. Yui? She looked at the paper that had been stuck to her face. It read 'Blood Drive.' Yes, that started today. She looked around at the mess, yeah, the blood drive was probably going to happen downstairs.

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