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Musssashi, Akuma (Finished)

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1Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) Empty Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) on Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:16 am

Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) 200?cb=20120505094905:
Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) 1E9c60h
Name : Musssashi, Akuma
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Height : 6'3
Weight : 200 lbs [build]
Eye Color : Yellow [color]
Hair Color and Style :[Yellow and Messy]

Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) SDZJ06e
Element(s) : Suiton, Fuuton, Hyuoton
Village : Kusa
Clan : Yuki
Rank : S/Kage
Nindo : To never give up on War.

Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) 2lrcHCP
Looks :He is yellowed headed, tall and muscular. He carries a massive Warhammer on the back of his back called the Stormbringer. He wears a vest, and has weights on his wrists, and arms, that are within a golden arm and wrist grunalet. That weigh four tons, on each arm. He has blue eyes, and amazing jawline, he has an amazing strong, legs, and a tonned out body. His clothing outfit is simple showing the brute that he is. Other then that there's no much for him, He doesn't wear holsters, headbands, or pouches for equipment.

Other then his weights, he has an collections of outfits that he normally has to wear. For things that are called for. However he refuses to wear suits period. He does not enjoy wearing them, in fact he hates it. It makes him look stupid. His neck is also thick. He has thick shoulders.
Personality : Akuma is quite short tempered, he is angry and when his pissed off people better run. He has zero intention in holding back. His objective has always been full power to end the a fight in a single blast. Mistake in war lead to death, Death lead to ninja losing battles. Akuma refuses to ever use low power even on a genin. His mentally in terms of combat, is one hit one kill. In other words if you study marital arts. you get the reference, as hitting your a enemy as hard as you can. So they suffer a knock out, and won't get up, allowing you to either kill or run away. That's how Akuma is. He is rough, brutal and evil. However aside from his ext trot behavior. The man is an extremely caring man for the people of his village, loyal, and once everything to be perfect for the village and it's villagers. He hates outsiders, he hates people who comes to the village to place prisoner in them. He loathes the idea of his village being the only objective and only goal for the entire nation to have. So this is the reason why he is so brutal and cruel when it comes to fights and outsiders. He is a quick thinker, and a critical one, he will critic you. but also assault you if you judge him.(Bish, I anit no Sasuke. FUK U <3)

Aside from that he is a pretty decent guy if you can get pass his short temper. He has zero tolerance for any form of BS. He will not put up with it as you can see. If he could not result something with words because someone wants to have it the objective to be in their favor. Then he will simply wage war as a repulse. While this isn't wise. He is confidence in his military strength as well as himself.

He wouldn't call himself egoistical. Because his not what he has today is what he had earned via training, he does not like to be called full off himself when it's not the case. He knows when he will lose and he knows when he will win. But he is very stubborn.
Parents : [Kita Musssashi, Mother, dead/Akira Mussshashi Yugno, Yuki., Father, alive]
Siblings : None
Mentors and Idols : ANBU Ninja of Kusa
History :Akuma was born under his mother's clan, but was a Yuki by his father's name. He did inherit Hyouton, as well as Fuuton and Suiton. During his life there wasn't much anything that was noteable, From the Rank of Academy to Jounin rank. He got to be a student, by Acing exams, he became a chuunin via chuunin exams, he became a Jounin by showing leadership, talent, skill, and success in missions, as well as to be able to take care of things. His training wasn't anything special. What was special. Was when Kusa was at war. With Rogue ninja, during that war. Kusa had lost many people. But, Akuma took a stand, against the leader of Kusa and spoke out. "You disgusting piece of shit. You sit in that chair. Doing paper working. As our men die to these dogs, because you are to scared to take on their leader." Akuma's hand turned to ice, as the entire Village went into sub zero temperatures. "You disgusting piece of shit." The jounin within the area wanted to stop Akuma, but were unable to because they had frozen into ice. "I am going to win this war. I will give you one option. You will caused this war by fucking with the Leader's of Uzi's Daughter. And that happens to be the Leader of an S Rank Organization. AND YOU SIT THERE AND DO NOTHING?!" he roared. The Kage got up. "Sit your ass down." He said, with a snap of his hand, the entire area froze in ice. Akuma walked toward the kage who took a step back. "You will leave, and you will never set foot in this village." He said. Just like that he left.

In the end the ice turned to water everyone who was frozen was shaken in cold. The war was won through peaceful manners. A Very sincere apology was given. As well as negotiations terms, and Akuma became Kusakage. In return, this village was a Prison area for criminals, and a major crime Village, with Rogue Ninja being allowed to pass, go, and stay and do as they please as long as they do not kill anyone.
Role Play Sample : Sithis took a deep sigh. Well then this out to be fun. More men coming. This was a mere joke. He was a ninja a full Fledged ninja and he was a B Class Ninja, exactly what were they they? Little tiny worms of crumbs. They were not ninja nor did they stand a chance against him if they were. They would not survive in his world. No they would be destroyed an Killed. Now more men came. About Four. This was sit just four? Then his eyes flicked towards the location of the other side there came eight men.. Well then did they just massively grew in number? That was a total of twelve, then finally from the front came about Sixteen men. Now this was a bit of an necessity large amount that was a totally of Twenty eight men.

Shaking his head. He would simply sighed. Well then better take out the group then. Quickly and swift. He had an idea of how to quickly dispose of these men. He would lift himself into the air. And Do a back flip landing on top of the Roof. Forming hand seals. As they drew near the store all twenty eight of them. He smirked and blurred a word out. "What amateurs" he said quietly. Once they were all gathered together. He would then smile. And seal his final seal. As once he begun to manipulative air into water, as a small tidal way rushed to all twenty eight of them hitting them with blunt force. And sending them flying back. He then took out a Incendiary once they were at a far distance. Clicked the pull of the pin, and flicked it carefully at the group. Once that happened they were all in a closed range. They would most likely be either killed or mortally wounded. If they lived they would crawl back towards the location of where ever the fuck they crawled from if they died well there would be corpses on the ground.

After these few three hours passed. it seemed awfully peaceful.

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2Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) Empty Re: Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) on Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:33 am


I am sorry, but your persona and looks are both too short to fit a kage. Your history is a bit short, and your whole app is full of grammatical errors. Please correct this.

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3Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) Empty Re: Musssashi, Akuma (Finished) on Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:07 am

Fixed Err English is not my primary language >_>

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