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Beta Patch #5 Pixel

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Beta Patch #5

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1Finished Beta Patch #5 on Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:06 am

Announcement #05?
Naruto Nexus
Beta Patch Work

Huge Update

Complete Revamp of Systems, from the ground up. Focus more a bit more on character parameters, developing a metric system for them. Kept focus on rping, rather than straight bump and grind.

Changed Participation and Adventure Points, added in costs for upgrading. Changed Bukijutsu Focuses.

Update - To Do
Missions , Shattering the Ceiling, Play Test 3 ranks, of 3 classes, update Special Characteristics

Thank you,

NN Staff


Beta Patch #5 Hirako_shinji_by_tritonsan-d8lgfxk
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