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1The Garnet Eye'd Crow Empty The Garnet Eye'd Crow on Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:04 am

Uchiha Sasuto

Uchiha Sasuto
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
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"Those who disobey the rules are trash, but those who abandon their friends are even worse trash."

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Name: Sasuto
Nickname(s): Crow/Sasu
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Village: Hidden Leaf
Village Rank: ANBU Captain
Skill Rank: S

The Garnet Eye'd Crow V128

Weight: 108lb
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Looks Image: The Garnet Eye'd Crow Sasuke_render_by_jokgfx-d3d15up
Looks Description: Sasuto wears the generic apparel of an ANBU, a vest of white hue with thin arm straps. He wears white armbands ranging from his lower wrists to the intersection between his lower and upper arms. He also wears black fingerless gloves going up to the upper region of his arms, and wears baggy black pants going down to his mid-ankles, with bandages covering his ankles, and he wears black sandals.

Sasuto's hair has one bang on each side of his head, going down to the nook of his neck, and the hair near the top of his head is slanted somewhat, and points backwards in the opposite direction. His pigment is tanned, and he often wears a black cloak and generic ANBU kitsune mask. Shodai also wears other suits, when not wearing an ANBU one.

For example, he wears a white coat with a long v-neck collar, a high collar, and short sleeves. He wears bandages on his lower arms too, and a black cloak going down to his knees, but around his waist, not covering his upper torso or arms, but attached to him by a purple serpent belt. Sasuto wears a black pair of pants and sandals as well, and a violet sheathe concealing his Chokuto beneath one of the straps of his purple serpent belt.

The Garnet Eye'd Crow Cy10

Personality Description: Sasuto is quite a sarcastic man. He spends his time reading harem mangas, some of which he makes on his own. His style of life is simple, and he doesn't show much emotion. The only time he is serious is when he must, for example, when someone close to him, or important, which is pretty much everyone, is on the verge of death.

Sasuto, despite being so casual, he is quite the advanced form of an ANBU, which states his reasoning for being the ANBU Captain. He is a unique type of man, and he can break people's willpower with his sheer intellect for battle proficiency. He also likes trying new things, especially foods or specified types of manga. He addresses his enemies with a simple nature, which may or may not develop into serious generosity according to the awkward situations the man finds himself in.

Sasuto can find himself short tempered towards dainty people who may be smartasses or just plain arrogant. He still keeps his cool towards them, but is more likely to snap and fight them if it's needed in such a situation. He also doesn't like people who betray their family, friends, or village mates. He has a strong disliking for those who have false loyalty towards others.

Sasuto finds himself throughout the cruel shinobi world by surviving on protecting the people he cares for, and being enthusiastic with certain situations. It certainly keeps him calm for the most part, and prevents his short tempered ways. It may not seem like it, due to him being lazy sometimes, but he likes training if it ends up rewarding him in the end.

As said before, Sasuto's calmness during serious situations, and his enthusiastic and sarcastic personality literally scares people. Along with the fact that he is very proficient with battling and strategic approaches and steps towards fights, it makes him even more intimidating. With a simple movement, he can bring an opponent to their knees, begging to have mercy. He doesn't need brute force or pure rage and all the other ignorance that people believe in to make people shit themselves when they stare into his eyes, the eyes which have seen many things.
Likes: Sweet foods, Harem manga and Sarcasm
Dislikes: Missing Ninja, Smartasses and Arrogant People
Catch Phrases:
Nindo: Those who disobey the rules are trash, but those who abandon their friends are even worse trash.

The Garnet Eye'd Crow 73m2

Element Affinity: Fire and Lightning
Sub Element Affinity: N/A

The Garnet Eye'd Crow 32es


-Academy Student
Sasuto began his career as an academy student at the age of 7. He trained everyday, improving his proficiency between Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu and Taijutsu as he trained throughout the years. He was capable of learning the Fire element a week after he began his training. His essential purpose for becoming a shinobi was to surpass his predecessors. As time passed on, Sasuto was considered a genius within his class. He became a prodigy student, easily surpassing the Ninja Academy class of his. Five years after entering the Ninja Academy, he passed the Genin exam effortlessly with a perfect score.

Sasuto's simplicity for life was clear, due to the fact that he managed to pass every mission that his squad was given without any need for aid. He requested a C-Rank mission from the Hokage, and after persuasion from his squad leader, they received the mission. The essential ideals of the mission was to gain venison fur and meat, and along with that, hunt down three boars.

These boars were highly dangerous, which considered the mission a B-Rank in the end, but genuinely the mission was at ease, for the boy and his squad managed to successfully complete the mission. Two months passed, and the Chuunin Exams had came. Sasuto was already training by then.

He'd been developing a new technique, from an original technique which his sensei had taught him, but this time, infused with the user's chakra element, in this case Sasuto's element was Lightning. He was trying to create a technique that he'd call Chidori, but it required lots of elemental control, and chakra control at an equal level.

He practiced day after day on his elemental control, and after much effort, he finally mastered the Lightning element on the day of a dangerous tempest of thunder. He'd created the technique that day, Chidori.

Upon entering the Chuunin Exams, Sasuto found that a village was secretly scouting the Forest of Death, the second Chuunin exams stage. They were killing, or attempting to kill, many of the Hidden Leaf squads. When bringing himself to direct his attention towards one man in specific, their leader infact, he battled the man.

The man proved to be powerful, but Sasuto's field experience added to the reason in which he ended up severally harming the man, if not killing him, with the Chidori. In the final exam, a teammate of his was critically damaged, but that didn't matter very much, because the person who injured the teammate ended up being defeated in the final round.

The war village was still scouting the Hidden Leaf, and planning a secret invasion. Sasuto knew of this, and so he scouted the village himself as an important mission that would determine whether or not he'd get the promotion he'd requested earlier. He scouted the village, finding that the Kage was in danger of being executed, and due to that, managed to save the Kage.

He infiltrated the base of those who intended to betray their village by killing the creator, and killed everyone without warning, and then returned to the Kage, revealing the reluctant news. In return, the Kage of the minor village created an alliance with the Hidden Leaf, and life moved on.

Upon returning to the Hidden Leaf, Sasuto was promoted to Jounin.

Sasuto took a vacation after doing many B-Rank and A-Rank missions in success. He later created more variants of the technique known as Chidori in which he'd created, and thus he accelerated his strength beyond knowing. By the age of 24, he'd applied for ANBU, and after displaying his skill, he was proven to be stronger than their current captain, and promoted to ANBU Captain.

RP Sample: Sasuto huffed, his physique swaying back and forth with substantial fatigue to it's kinetic motion. His optics adjusted their fixture to the focal point of the sky in which the tempest of cumolonimbus clouds gathered to create obscuring streaks of bright pastel flaxen light to cause basins and fractures to dance across the barren wasteland which Sasuto called his training area.

The rain dangled off his damp clothing, as the boy allowed his eyes to become an abhorrent bloodshot garnet hue, three tomoes coming to existence within the near outer point of those set of meticulous optics. Sasuto was close, he could sense the next strike of lightning, and the reverberation concluded his inference. The azure effervescence within his incorporeal body came to life as it's exuberance flowed directly to the center of the palm of his right hand.

A flash of the yellow bolt nearby, setting afire to a colossal green giant with a hazelnut base, and the bright cerulean electric like sphere of zapping vitality known as chakra came to life within his control. Sasuto leaned downwards within a crouched position, allowing his heels to raise upwards, and in a second, Sasuto rushed forth at an expeditious momentum which accelerated him to a pace that could match the speed of the particular blade from the heavens striking down upon the terra firma of the corporeal forces known as human territory, a lightning bolt.

In a meer second, he'd reached the burning copse of the tree which suffered the lightning strike, as Sasuto's arm extended outwards, the chakra coming in contact with the wood, as a massive stream of lightning burst from Sasuto's palm as a result of the lacerating collision, which lit the region much like a thunder bolt. After the solar flare like result allowed it's light to fade away, the sphere of lightning faded from Sasuto's palm, and he huffed, he'd created it.

"Chidori.."The Uchiha adolescent murmured, and passed out from chakra exhaustion.

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2The Garnet Eye'd Crow Empty Re: The Garnet Eye'd Crow on Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:12 am

Kid Koopa

Kid Koopa
Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin
Need a bit more personality sir


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3The Garnet Eye'd Crow Empty Re: The Garnet Eye'd Crow on Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:21 pm

Uchiha Sasuto

Uchiha Sasuto
Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Added three more paragraphs to my character's personality region.


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4The Garnet Eye'd Crow Empty Re: The Garnet Eye'd Crow on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:27 am

Kid Koopa

Kid Koopa
Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin


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