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Not again... (Private; Closed)

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New home. New life. Old title. Old kage ways.

Home sweet home? Was it a drag for him to be home? Especially in his new home? The initiation was a success. Mission accomplished in his eyes. After the initiation, he exited the Daimyo building as the citizens and even fellow ninja of Konohagakure had wanted to congratulate their new Hokage. He was the new kage of the Leaf Village. It was somewhat strange because he was not much of a fire user himself, he was mostly dominate in Rock Release in that manner, although he was somewhat proficient in Fire Release, so that would give him a small bonus and whatnot. As he was congratulated by his fellow ninja and citizens, some academy students had run up to the male and praised him for being their new leader. He had felt symphony for the little ones in his village, which was one of the reasons why he had not plan to decimate the village when he had the chance to. His attire was fairly simple: blue, long jacket, similar to a gunner's trench coat, with three tails and a snake-like pattern on the right side of the jacket, a sweatshirt hoodie (note the hood always on his head) with no sleeves, white pants with a black cloth hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees along with a white rope belt around his waist, tied in a bow, and white tabi boots which are traditional split-toe Japanese socks.

Since being a Hyūga, the male's eyes were featureless all white. He kept his entire face concealed to the naked eye with a ninja mask. He was what he was called, the Urban Assassin, the White Crow Menace, and other aliases that people had called him. Looking at the academy student that ran to him, he smiled at them with his closed, but first taking off his mask for the little ones to see his face. He wanted to make sure that they knew that he would never leave their side at all times. He got up from the academy students and inserted his mask back on his face and kept walking until he stopped at an old abandoned building. It had reminded him of the one he used to live in back in Iwagakure. He gave out one glance behind him, seeing as ANBU Ops behind him, making sure that their new leader was not in harm's way. He looked back at the building and made his way to his new place, the Administration Building, where his office would be held.

Entering the building and walking up the stairs, the ANBU Ops had opened both doors for the male as the male walked inside. He positioned the ANBU to close the door behind him as they did so. The room itself was very spacious, a lot of space for much to be done. The desk was neatly in order while there was a big glass behind the desk, to where it gave out the view of the entire village at his disposal. He could get used to the kage lifestyle after all, like before. But, it did involve paperwork and creating a lot of missions and teams for many shinobi along the way. Nothing he could handle like the past.

He positioned himself to the window, looking out of it and looking at his village nonetheless. He sighed to himself, as a small whisper escaped from his mouth.

"This brings back so much memories..."

His words exactly. It did bring back memories from the before. He sighed as his personal black crow, the crow with the byakugan in its eye, sat on his shoulder as it looked out the window also while Aigo's crows flew all around the village. This was going to be a long day for the newly appointed Hokage.


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